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Service animals providing ulti-mutt companionship

The rise in popularity of service animals points toward how helpful they can be in providing service to students who need it. Many students on campus have been turning to furry companions for emotional support, but getting permission to have an animal in a dorm is no easy task. However, to many, gathering the veterinarian documents, roommate agreement and a recommendation are small prices to pay for the support that their service animals provide. Read more about students’ service animals here

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NPHC organizations create unity

The National Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body of nine historically Black fraternities and sororities. House Bill 999, which is circulating Florida courts, aims to dissolve diversity, equity and inclusion programs and organizations in Florida’s public universities. The bill denounces anything relating to social activism, directly threatening the NPHC organizations on Florida public university campuses. Members of NPHC at OU are raising awareness for House Bill 999 and stressing how much of a positive impact their organizations have on students. To read more, click here

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Softball: Annalia Paoli’s mindset unlocks her potential as Ohio’s marquee slugger

There is a point where players are no longer known for their stats but for their more nuanced abilities that go far beyond how they score. Annalia Paoli is one of them. Paoli hails from Point Marion, Pennsylvania, a town of just over 1,100 residents. Paoli was a four-year letter winner in high school, including two years as team captain. She helped break a 20-year playoff drought for her high school, leading it to the playoffs three times. Now, she is one of Ohio’s strongest athletes. To read more about her athleticism, click here

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Obert Opines: Battle royale for the next James Bond

Unfortunately, eight men cannot play James Bond, so how should we determine the last man standing? An eight-way Hell-in-a-cell match in the Thunderdome? No, I don’t want to kill 80-year-old Harrison Ford. An online poll? No, what if I disagree with it? Instead, I will put the eight contestants into a bracket and determine the winner based on logic and fit. Click here to see who wins out of a lineup including Harry Styles, LeBron James and writer Bobby Gorbett himself.

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Here’s how to maintain focus this spring semester

Now that Spring Break is over, it can be difficult to get back into the academic groove and study. However, there are ways to increase your chances of staying focused and avoiding burnout. Setting up a calendar and a weekly schedule is the best place to start. To read more tips, click here

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Cat’s Cradle: Jacques Cousteau, from adventurer to activist

How to plan the best summer trip on a budget

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