Today is Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Photo by Emma Reed

OU Club Waterski competes in regionals for the first time in 20 years

Kenzie Callahan | Oct. 16, 2023

After a two-decade long drought, the Ohio University club waterski team both qualified for and competed in regionals. The team got fifth place in women’s slalom, and the tournament took place all the way over in Illinois. The team worked hard for their competition, pushing for increased recruitment and striking up deals with their practice spot to avoid expenses, which had deterred people from joining the team in the past. Read the full story here.

Photo by Jack Tatham

Football: What to know from Tim Albin's press conference 

Bobby Gorbett | Oct. 16, 2023

After the first loss in weeks, questions have arisen about the fate of the football team. Tim Albin held a press conference for these questions, and explained that while the Bobcats faced a tough loss through a sloppy second half, they are resilient. He said they will be putting in the hours to face off against Western Michigan University next week, and then Miami University in two weeks. These wins are vital, as they determine whether or not the Bobcats will make it to the MAC Championship. Read the full story here.

Quinntessential: serving up the perfect meal plan

Quinn Elfers | Oct. 16, 2023

Options are limited when it comes to eating on campus. Students are offered three dining halls, three markets and a few other campus eateries. However, many feel that this is not enough, and the distance between them can often be a hindrance, as are the options that are offered at the dining halls. Furthermore, off-campus restaurants often upcharge customers by raising prices to make more money off of students. Columnist Quinn Elfers feels that more options should be put in place, including options on Court Street. Read the full story here. 

Photo by Lauren Adams

Taking a look at some of the best fictional pop songs

Grace Koennecke | Oct. 16, 2023

With the staggering amount of movies written about pop stars and their rise to fame, it’s no surprise that quite a few songs have been written for them. Out of this large discography, a few pop songs stick out. Everything from Disney Channel Original movies to “A Star is Born” to “Daisy Jones and the Six” have been sources for these absolute bangers. Read the full story here.

Photo by Ethan Herx

Athens Conservancy looks forward to activism, preservation

Ethan Herx | Oct. 16, 2023

The balance of protecting natural lands while having them accessible to the public is extremely delicate. Even governmental agencies such as the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service struggle to find this balance, with parks and natural areas being too remote to be easily accessible or having so many visitors that the health of the ecosystem is put at stake. In Athens County, however, one organization has managed to find the balance needed to make these natural ecosystems healthy and accessible. Read the full story here.

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