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Welcome to issue #2 DSpace Community Newsletter. This newsletter summarizes the most significant activities within the DSpace community. We plan to send this newsletter on a quarterly basis: March, June, September and November. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please subscribe. (If you subscribe, Lyrasis will only send emails pertaining to the DSpace Community Newsletter.)

On behalf of DSpace Governance, welcome to the new quarterly DSpace Community Newsletter! We look forward to sharing timely governance news with our community via the Newsletter. – Maureen Walsh, Chair, DSpace Leadership and Steering Groups



Now Available: DSpace 7.6

We are pleased to announce the release of DSpace 7.6! This release provides new features along with many improvements and bug fixes for the 7.x series of releases.

The 7.6 release concentrates on porting older 6.x features into 7.x, resolving one Tier 2 priority and two Tier 4 priorities in our  7.x technical roadmap. Many donated features, improvements and bug fixes are also included in this release.Detailed information about the features and bug fixes added in DSpace 7.6 can be found in the Release Notes.

Download DSpace 7.6


Planning for 8.0 will begin in 2023

DSpace 8.0 will be released in 2024. While the scope of this release is still being finalized, we welcome contributions from anyone. Contributions may take the form of:

Contributing code to 8.0 - As a volunteer developer you can determine which issue ticket you’d like to work on. Please get in touch with Tim Donohue if you have any questions.


If we missed any news, please email us with your news to add to the DSpace News area of the website and our social accounts.

4Science in the News

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DSquare Techologies recently created a number of helpful DSpace 7 tutorials. View the DSpace 7 playlist on youtube. Thank you for contributing the videos!

From January to June of 2023, D&L participated in several seminars and workshops as following:

  • On February 14th, D&L participated in "DIGI: ĐỔI consortium project kick off meeting" hold by Phu Xuan University, Liverpool John Moores University and British Council (sponsor) with the participation of more than 60 universities, colleges and high schools. In the kick off meeting, D&L had a presentation about trend of digital transformation in the library industry and also mentioned DSpace with the participants.
  • In March, D&L joined the Scientific conference "Improve the efficiency of digital transformation and development of library services at Political Academy of the Peoples Police of Vietnam Library". This conference was hold by Political Academy of the Peoples Police of Vietnam. D&L had chance to contribute ideas and introduce DSpace software.
  • On May 17th, National Agency for Science and Technology Information of Vietnam hold "Technological trends in modern libraries" seminar and D&L had a presentation and a product introduction booth introducing DSpace and gained a lot of attention.
  • Northern Academic Library Association and Institute for digital knowledge's research and development held the Scientific conference with topic of "Building a digital knowledge center and smart university library model" at Vinh University, Vietnam on May 19. D&L exhibited and introduced DSpace software to the attendees.

Upcoming Webinar on 7.6

Join us on July 19 DSpace Technical Lead Tim Donohue and DSpace Program Coordinator Natalie Baur will host a DSpace 7.6 question and answer session. This free webinar will review the latest DSpace release and provided answers to community questions about DSpace 7.6. 

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Past Events

Thank you to all DSpace Community Members and Service Providers who participated at Open Repositories 2023 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

On May 30th, 4Science, in collaboration with Lyrasis had a live webinar “The Big Picture: why Entities are Important for Institutional Repositories and what you can do with DSpace.” The recording is available:


DSpace is funded through the contributions of members that allocate their annual funding to supporting and developing DSpace. Membership provides opportunities to participate and influence the direction of the software. If your institution is not yet a member in support of DSpace, please join today!

SPOTLIGHT: DSpace Around the World

In each of our DSpace Newsletters, we will highlight a unique instance and use of DSpace. Would you like to tell us about your DSpace instance and how DSpace is used at your organization? Email us your story to be featured in upcoming DSpace Community Newsletters.


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DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT)

DCAT welcomes Kimberly Chapman of the University of Arizona as the new DCAT Co-Chair. Kimberly will also serve ex-oficio on the DSpace Leadership Group as part of her DCAT role. Welcome Kimberly!

The DSpace Community Advisory Team holds monthly open Zoom meetings for repository managers, developers and users of DSpace.

About Lyrasis

Lyrasis, a non-profit membership organization, partners with member libraries, archives and museums to create, access, preserve and manage information, with an emphasis on digital content, while building and sustaining collaboration, enhancing operations and technology, and increasing buying power. Lyrasis is the organizational home of DSpace.