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Welcome to the DRP2 (Downtown River Precinct Phase 2) newsletter. We will do our best to provide information on the project's progression.

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Construction Update

  • The Contractor mobilized to the 900 block of 1st Avenue East
  • 1st Avenue East between 9th and 10th streets are now closed to regular traffic
  • Staging and work areas are set up
  • Steps have been taken for erosion control
  • The contractor has started the installation of helical piles, which are required to support the foundation for the future boardwalk

Construction area: 1st Avenue East between 9th Street & 10th Street 900 block of 1st Avenue East

Fun Fact:

Helical piles, also known as helical piers or screw piles, are constructed using steel shafts with helical flights of various sizes to suit site-specific ground conditions.

Common uses:

  • Structural support (compression or tension) for both permanent and temporary structures
  • Underpin existing foundations


Piles are generally installed using standard tracked or wheeled excavators with a torque motor attachment, which monitors the torque achieved during installation to verify the design. Multiple steel sections are connected via a bolted connection, and sections are added to complete the total pile depth.

The Plan

The Contacts


Site Superintendent

Adam MacDonnell

p. 519-374-0300

Or Amanda Morrison

p. 226-974-6011


GEI Consultants

Site Inspector

Chris Slocombe


City of Owen Sound

Project Lead

Matt Pierog

p. 519-376-4440 Ext. 3308

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