Daily Power for Living

June 30, 2024

"Dear Lord, grant me the wisdom and discernment to know which battles to fight and which to back away from. If I am wrong, give me grace and correct me. If I am lost, guide me. If I am tempted to give up, breathe your strength in me. Make me more like you. – In Jesus’ name, Amen."

-Bishop Dale C. Bronner

July 1, 2024

“Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody."

Romans 12:18 (GNT)


Today's Focus: Try Again

Maybe you know what it’s like to be in a relationship infested with strife, arguments and silent treatments. In relationships like that, peace scurries away. But, the absence of peace isn’t God’s perfect plan. Instead, the Lord desires you to have peace with people. Though it may not be possible with everyone because of hardened hearts, it is possible with some. And you can try to live peacefully with everyone. 

As you try to live at peace with people, try and try again. Allow the Spirit of God to lead you. Let Him fill your mouth with His words. And when you can’t get a word in, perhaps you could write a letter or send a card. You could text or leave a voicemail. However, do what you can do and pray for God to do what you cannot. Then, no matter the outcome, live at peace in your heart knowing you did everything you could do by God’s grace.

Today's Thought: 

Have you tried again to live in peace with people?

Today's Prayer:

“Lord, thank You for the will to try to live in peace with others.”


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