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April 2019
We're Smiling Ear to Ear after Every Smile Counts Day 2019!
The collective support of the dental industry community raised $150,000, which allows DLN to generate over $1.3 million of comprehensive dental care through the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program.
Guardian and Patterson Foundation Grants Help Expand DDS Program
Two recent grants - a $400,000 grant from Guardian and an $80,000 grant from the Patterson Foundation - allow for DLN to expand programmatic offerings to more states and more people.
DLN Success Story – Pennsylvania Woman Receives Unforgettable Gift from DDS Volunteers
Luanne is a giving woman who unfortunately had health complications after donating a kidney. Luckily her giving was matched by a generous team of Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteers who were able to restore her oral health!
2018 DentaCheques sales contest winners announced!
Four dental sales professionals from three dental supply companies are winners in the 2018 DentaCheques sales contest! The winners have sold a combined total of 146 books, resulting in over $220,000 in dental care provided to vulnerable individuals.
When you buy DentaCheques, you can save money on dental supply purchases AND help people in need.
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