Volume 94 - Issue 3 | September 2021

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
From Debby's Desk
"Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way." - Author Unknown

After attending the 2021 DKG International Conference in San Antonio, I certainly agree with this quote. The keynote speakers were inspiring, and the breakout sessions provided a wealth of information. The following is a summary of the sessions that I attended:
Keynote #1:Our mental fitness has been challenged during the pandemic. Human connection has a stronger impact on our resilience and well-being more than anything else. We all need to be valued, cared for, and supported by others. 
Keynote #2: Building Belonging--We need to be connected to the organization, we feel respected when we’re listened to and acknowledged, and we feel protected when we’re included and feel safe.
Keynote #3: Embracing Opportunities--We need to take risks to help us grow. What we believe, we achieve! And there is power in saying yes to opportunities even if we may be afraid.
Breakout #1: Developing Leaders--Be welcoming and inclusive. Embrace new ideas. Provide a positive atmosphere. Provide mentors for new members.
Breakout #2: More Bang for your Bucks--Where do our dues go? Headquarters, taxes, staff, utilities, cleaning, etc.  There are 31 named scholarships available. There are society discounts such as liability insurance, travel insurance, dental insurance and online learning. Non-dues revenue comes from Amazon Smile, Award Concepts (DKG store), and ads. All members have access to the Society’s publications: DKG News, the Bulletin, the Journal and Our Heritage.
Breakout #3: Next Steps in Leadership--This session provided information about applying for International Committees and the reasons members should consider doing so: to serve, to make a difference, and to influence the future. 
Breakout #4: Meaningful Meetings--Avoid long meetings, know your objective, plan, have an agenda, choose interesting content, include social time. Before the meeting - be on time and test the technology; during the meeting - follow the agenda, watch the time; after the meeting - get feedback and decide next steps. Are members leaving inspired?
Breakout #5: Leadership and Communication--How leaders lead - trust, inspire, listen, and develop more leaders. We need communication, collaboration, connection, and commitment to move forward. 
And finally, our International President Becky Sadowski asked us all to work to get one new member to double our membership worldwide.
Thank you for the opportunity to represent Ohio State Organization in San Antonio. I hope my summary will be beneficial to you in some way.  Take away one idea and work with it.
Passion for Our Purposes
Donate Life
The DKG of our OSO President’s initiatives starts with the “D”, donate, this month.  Future Voice issues will focus on the “K”, Kids and the Imagination Library, and “G”, Girl Scouts Delta Kappa Gamma Curriculum. 
Organ donation is very near and dear to our President’s heart. She is spreading her passion for organ donation to our membership through her first initiative “D”, donate. 
Did you know you have the power to save 8 lives? Transplants are one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine. The need for organ and tissue donations continues to grow.
Your chapter can help by reaching out to the Donate Ohio Life Organ Procurement Organizations in your area using the attached map. Work with your area representative to schedule a virtual or in person presentation to clear up donation myths, hear miracle stories, and learn ways to become a donor. Follow up with a membership registration drive via online, at the Bureau of Motor Vehicle, or by mail. 
Remember, you have the power to give someone a second chance at life! 
Michele Maniskas
Educational Excellence Committee Chair
OSO Second Vice President

Chapter Yearbooks
International Conference - Portland, Oregon
July 7 - 10, 2021
A World of Opportunities, Contributions, Impact

Opportunities: Parliamentary Procedure Training resulted in working with west coast DKG members, taking the Parliamentary exam and passing the Parliamentarians Membership Exam!

Contributions: Presenters on topics related to dues processing, successful virtual presentations, partnering with Dolly Parton Imagination Library, applying for DKG International positions, and membership benefits through DKG business partnerships were some of the varied workshops attended.  

Impact: Keynote Speakers Leigh Wintz with tips on overcoming barriers to organizational effectiveness by encouraging DKG to be more nimble. Dr Gene Sharratt inspired us to contribute to DKG, have a positive impact and to make a difference in our world. 

The Portland Conference was a rich and varied experience. The information learned will be used to assist Ohio in achieving A Passion for Our Purposes during this biennium.

Diana Haskell
Ohio State Organization Treasurer
Leadership Training
August 6, 2021
Leadership Tapestry

The Ohio State Organization officers and State committee members attended a leadership training on Friday, August 6, at Grace United Methodist Church in Washington Court House. Debby Canter, State President, encouraged officers and attendees to wear something that reflected their passion. The day began with registration and light refreshment. The State Committees represented included: (1) Bylaws/Standing Rules, (2) Personnel, (3) Nominating, (4) Finance, (5) Membership, (6) Expansion, (7) Educational Excellence, (8) Scholarships and Grants, (9) World Fellowship, and (10) Communications/Marketing as well as the Gold Key Coordinator, State Convention Registrar, and our Music Representative.

Dr. Molly Helmlinger, Beta Kappa
Leadership Development


The Educational Services Committee has the fun job of awarding money in three different categories. Consider applying for an award today! The funds are dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying applicants. So, if you wait until the end of the fiscal year or after May 1st, the funds may not be available. Applications are available at www.adsoef.org.

  1. The Lifelong Learning Award gives support to members for expenses related to personal learning and helps fund expenses related to professional development or continuing education. 
  2. The Leadership Award provides support to members for expenses related to developing leadership knowledge, skills or experiences. It is designed to encourage and equip women to lead in DKG and in their communities, so in particular, it will fund the expenses specifically related to non-profit leadership or board participation.
  3. The Educational Projects Award provides up to $500.00 in financial support to groups or individuals for educational projects to benefit children and education in schools, non-profit, and community-based settings. Examples include projects for the arts, reading and math literacy, language classes for migrants, cultural enrichment, or environmental education.
Introducing ADSOEF Committees

Your Foundation Committees will be highlighted and introduced in this and subsequent issues of The Voice.   If you are interested in serving on a Foundation committee, please contact Dr. Norma Kirby at nkkirby@roadrunner.com.  

The Fundraising Committee is responsible to ensure ADSOEF fundraising endeavors are conducted according to ethics and donor policies adopted by the ADSOEF Board of Directors.  The Committee endeavors to honor and build public trust with good governance and stewardship, and to increase community awareness of ADSOEF’s program services for Foundation beneficiaries.  The most important work of the Committee is to fund the Foundation program services.  Thanks to Beth Archer, Diane Brogan-Adams, Jackie Thase-Burch, Barb Zirke, and Sandy Royer, Chairman, who serve on the ADSOEF Fundraising Committee.   
The Finance Committee ensures that ADSOEF is operating in a financially sustainable manner, preserving the trust of all stakeholders, and fulfilling the Foundation’s mission and purposes to be carried out.  In addition to other responsibilities, the Committee is responsible to develop budgets, monitor all bank and investment records, and review financial policies and procedures.  Thanks to Freda Cook, Dr. Lois Harkins, Donna Myers, and Millie Holzer, Chairman, who serve on the ADSOEF Finance Committee.
The Board of Director Chairman serves as an ad-hoc member on all committees except the Nominating Committee.           
From your “money seeds” our garden grew!  Thank you!  

Because of your generosity in 2020-2021 we exceeded the goal for “A Heart for All”.  Individuals and chapters contributed gifts for our Birthday Party non-Luncheon.  Chapters creatively sold their Raffle Baskets at the local level.  These efforts mean total giving for the year was $18,971

Did you see your name or your chapter listed in the ADSOEF Annual Report (pages 14-18) CLICK HERE posted on our webpage or in editions of The Voice?  Then you can say, “I helped!”  You enable your Educational Foundation to grant awards to deserving applicants.  As we read recipients’ stories, it is heartwarming to know we helped on their educational journey.  Thank you for choosing ADSOEF for your philanthropy.   
With gratitude, Fundraising Committee of ADSOEF
ADSOEF funding the future of excellence in education

ADSOEF is happy to announce the new 2021-2022 A. Margaret Boyd Fellowship recipient is Brenda Rojas from Paraguay. She will be attending The Ohio State University. Watch the October Voice for detailed information on Brenda and her studies at OSU.
Thank You from Gunel Alasgarova

Thank you! That is my very first word for all my sponsors, including Fulbright, Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation of Delta Kappa Gamma, and Kent State University. 

Back in Azerbaijan, when I got a letter from the U.S. embassy in Baku regarding my new sponsor-Delta Kappa Gamma, I was confused. The very first question was “Why are they sponsoring me if they even do not know me?” I made a research and the very first sentence I read about Delta Kappa Gamma was “The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.” I saw that it is right about me, my life goal, and my education. It made me honored. Diving deep into my research, I felt privileged to be part of a society that supports women all over the world for almost a century! 

ADSOEF Donor Recognition
Membership Committee News
“We Want the ‘Spotlight’ to be on You!”
Our OSO Chapter Members 
The Membership Committee wants to feature/highlight our many OSO members who have experienced recognition in their district, school, education/collegiate goals, and/or community achievements. Every Delta Kappa Gamma Society member is important and special in our OSO Membership Community.

When you or someone in your chapter receives an award, recognition, or a commendation, please send a brief explanation along with a picture to Melodie McGee at first.vp@dkgohio.org by the 5th of the month so that we can share your “Good News” with others in The Voice.

We can hardly wait to see the different accomplishments of all our members in the DKG OSO chapters. Don’t forget to submit to us the information when something special happens to you or someone in your chapter. We want our entire OSO Delta Kappa Gamma Society Community to celebrate with you.

Melodie A. McGee, Membership Chair
Gamma Nu Chapter
Member Spotlight
Congratulations to Katie Sivula, Gamma Theta Chapter, on receiving the Franklin B Walter Outstanding Educator Award for Madison Local School District. This award was presented by the State Support Team (Region 4) to recognize educators throughout schools in Lake and Geauga counties “who have made extraordinary contributions to the education of students with disabilities.” Katie is an ED teacher in the Madison Local School District. 

Katie’s greatest joy is being part of students’ progressing their skills and abilities. “It is absolutely amazing to witness individual students exhibiting personal, academic, and social-emotional growth.  This growth varies from small incidental gains (ex: having a positive behavior day) to major positive advancements (ex: regularly applying coping skills in order to manage their emotions).” She hopes her students are able to learn from their time together and apply their knowledge and skills to their own lives in order to make positive personal growth. Ultimately she hopes they become respectful, responsible, caring, and productive citizens of their community.

Remembering Our Lost Sisters
Important OSO-DKG Dates to Remember

September 15, 2021 - DKG Gallery of Fine Arts Submission Window Closes

November 1, 2021 - Chapter Yearbooks Due

November 13, 2021 - OSO Executive Board Meeting
Dublin Embassy Suites

June 9-10, 2022 - OSO Executive Board Meeting
New Chapter Presidents' Training
Dublin Embassy Suites
Chapter News
Beta Rho Chapter created gift baskets filled with all kinds of goodies to distribute to our active teachers to wish them a wonderful 2021 - 2022 school year.
Beta Chi Chapter recently installed new member, Lori Fabian. Carrie Sinkel and Katie Hank introduced Lori Fabian, center, to the chapter.
Dr. Norma Kirby, Chairman of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation, shared a PowerPoint with those attending the Leadership Training on August 6.
Alpha Chi honored our milestone members at our May meeting. Milestone members pictured are Marjorie Keyes 25 years, Phyllis Prewitt 50 years, and Becky Storer 35 years. Absent were Donna Armstrong 50 years, Jean Grider 65 years, and Mary Ann Jarman 25 years.