Volume 93 - Issue 11| May 1, 2021
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Believe :: Belong :: Build

WOW…We Did It!!
WOW! Don’t you just love it when a good plan…no a great plan comes together?  From the breakout sessions to the Celebration of Life Service, Convention Coordinator Linda and I simply could not have been more pleased, excited and/or thrilled with the outcome/results of the first “Virtually Yours” State Convention.  (Be sure to read Linda’s “glowing” summary of the 2021 State Convention.)  Thank you all for helping to “make the best of the way things turnout.”  Whether a convention contributor/presenter and/or a participant, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for a job well done!  Believe when we say, you are all valued and appreciated beyond measure for your active participation in DKG-Ohio.  You truly do belong to a remarkable organization.

Sadly, our convention breakout sessions have concluded.  Your exceptional response took us totally by surprise….and ladies, your support was awe-inspiring!   It was without a doubt an unexpected pleasure to watch its progression as well as a most gratifying experience to witness first hand.  Thank you again for taking advantage of an opportunity to connect, to learn and grow personally and professionally. I am fairly sure those who attended were not disappointed with any of the superb presentations.  Perhaps unknowingly, each of you have played a significant role in the building of a new and very successful “breakout session” format.  Will it become a new OSO convention tradition?  My guess is…only time will tell.

We do have one more event to accomplish and complete before the 2019-2021 biennium comes to a close…The Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar.   Coordinators Cindy Lawyer and Nancy Waters have everything well in hand and will be announcing via an E-Blast on May 3, 2021, the exciting seminar happenings.  By all appearances, it looks to be another outstanding virtual effort and opportunity for the DKG/Ohio membership to connect with one another, to dream big and to pass it on.

Once again…thank you, one and all, for helping us to continue to believebelong and build Ohio’s future!

Gratefully yours,
You Did It!!  A “Virtually Yours”
OSO State Convention!
Many thanks to all who participated in and/or attended the first ever virtual DKG/OSO State Convention.  You’ve heard it said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Well, ladies, it took an entire state to pull off a virtual convention!  It was a bit nerve wracking knowing that the entire Convention depended upon technology working properly, but it did!  The Friday evening session was attended by 176 ladies, and on Saturday, 206 attendees were present.  

Thank you for your patience with the logins and the various technical issues; this was all new to us, also.  Thank you to the Committee Chairs who handled the business of the Ohio State Organization with accuracy and professionalism.  This format was different for all of you, but you certainly rose to the challenge.  Thank you to the Chapter Presidents who faithfully attended the Executive Board Meetings on Friday evening and Saturday morning for the polling.  Thank you to Cheryl Quay for closing the Friday evening session with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma song.  It was the perfect ending to our opening night.  Our guests, Leila Kubesch, Cathy Daugherty, and Rebecca Psigoda were delightful and quite generous in sharing their time and resources with our DKG/OSO members.  

Congratulations to our new State Officers for the 2021-2023 biennium, as well as the Gold Key Chapters and the Milestone Chapters.  Thank you to Sandy Royer from ADSOEF for “throwing a birthday party” to support the fundraising efforts for awards, and to Marilyn Slusser for introducing us to the Esther H. Strickland recipients and the A. Margaret Boyd recipient, Gunel Alasgarova.  It was wonderful to have Gunel present at the Convention. Thank you to Cathy Tenney for creating the video to celebrate “Chapter Covid Happenings.”  Thank you to the Membership Committee for the touching Celebration of Life ceremony. This is always such a special event. Thank you to Eileen McNally, our "techie,' who kept things moving efficiently with the PowerPoints.  Thank you to all who presented and/or attended the breakout sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We had a total of 1,004 participants for the breakout sessions, with 84 attendees for the ADSOEF Board Meeting.  Thank you to Alice Harker for her support, assistance, and all the time she invested in Zoom meetings and convention preparation. A huge “THANK YOU” to President Diana Kirkpatrick who had the vision to move us ahead into uncharted territory!  She said we would have a State Convention in 2021 one way or another, and we did!

Since we are “forward moving ever,” here is what you can expect in the days to come.  On May 10, 2021, at 7:00 P.M., Cathy Daugherty, the Immediate Past International DKG President, will be presenting “Puzzled,” a Connectivity event, that we are certain you will want to attend.  In order for you to be a part of this Zoom event, it is very important that you register in advance by clicking on the link below. After registering, make sure you flag the email from President Diana Kirkpatrick, put the date on your calendar, or do whatever you need to do to remember to join us on Tuesday, May 10, at 7:00 P.M.  

For our OSO Biennial Seminar, Leila Kubesch, the 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year, will present a series of three evening sessions.  Details about the Biennial Seminar will be released in an E-Blast on May 3, 2021, and additional information will be in the June issue of The Voice.  Until next time, take care and be safe!

Linda Diltz, Beta Rho
Convention Coordinator
May Connectivity Event - "Puzzled"
Ever wonder…who invented the jigsaw puzzle and when?  Or what are the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle called?  Join us on Monday, May 10, as we explore with Immediate Past International President Cathy P. Daugherty, the origins of the jigsaw puzzle.  Learn all you ever wanted to know about puzzles…and then some. If you enjoyed our convention roundtable discussion with Cathy on April 6, you will surely want to be in attendance for the last presentation of the DKG/Ohio State Organization Connectivity Series for 2020-2021.  We look forward to seeing all of you there!
Thank You to Ohio State Organization
Visiting with Ohio State Organization members as your DKG Society Representative for the 2021 State Convention was a true highlight of my time as a member of the 2020-2022 DKG Administrative Board! Your “virtual” hospitality was reflective of what I have always encountered with NE regional members and, in particular, Ohio State Organization members. I especially enjoyed talking with members and hearing your thoughts on varied topics during the roundtable discussion held prior to the Convention itself. Rest assured that I have shared your questions and comments with International President Becky Sadowski.

The 2019-2021 Ohio State Organization Leadership Team provided unfailing support, relevant information, and meaningful recognition of members’ service to the Society throughout the Convention, including the Connectivity sessions leading up to and following the actual business meetings. There was something for everyone at every stage of her life and educational experience – all made available through a Zoom platform! I look forward to hearing how your exemplary communication efforts this biennium pay off for Ohio DKG as your state organization continues to move forward next biennium.

Again, it was indeed my pleasure to be your 2021 DKG Society Representative, deliver information from the 2020-2022 DKG Administrative Board, and give Ohio members the opportunity to converse directly with one of their international board members. I learned much through conversations and observations throughout the weekend. What a grand and memorable experience you gave me! Again, my heartfelt thanks!

Cathy P. Daugherty, RP
Immediate Past DKG International President
Buckeye Cherry Membership Challenge
The OSO Membership Committee is happy to announce the list of participants in our membership challenge with Michigan State Organization:
Tau - 20 points
Alpha Xi - 19 points
Delta Kappa - 15 points
Alpha Psi - 13 points
Gamma Upsilon - 11 points
Alpha Nu - 6 points
Gamma Theta - 6 points
Theta - 5 points
Pi - 5 points
Gamma Eta - 5 points
Delta Theta - 5 points

Alpha Sigma - 4 points
Delta Chi - 4 points
Beta Kappa - 3 points
Delta Phi - 3 points
Gamma - 2 points
Chi - 2 points
Alpha Tau - 2 points
Beta Rho - 2 points
Gamma Xi - 2 points
Gamma Sigma - 2 points

DKG/Ohio State Organization welcomed 88 (2.8%) new members and Michigan State Organization welcomed 47 (3.3%) new members during the challenge period. As per the agreement, the winner would be the organization that increased membership by the larger percentage due to the difference in membership numbers (keep in mind that MSO has less than half the members that OSO has). So, the winner of the challenge is Michigan State Organization. The Cherries have won! As per the agreement, OSO will be sending $100 to the DKG International Educators Foundation in the honor of MSO. Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge.
Celebration of Life
February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2021
In memory of our departed Sisters
We light a candle for you
To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew
Like a beacon in the night
Your flame burns bright….guiding us on our way
Oh, today we light this candle for you.
Ohio State Organization: Donna L.  Brandon, Janette Snyder, Susan R. Swallen

Beta: Joanne K.  Kroft, Doris L. Smith*; Gamma: Sara E. Herfel, Miriam L. Hinton**, Carol Kiefer; Delta: Miranda S. Moritz; Epsilon: Flora C. Acker **;   Zeta: Beverly A. Deblase, Ardyce D. Garmen*, Dr. Harriet E. Parcher; Mu: Frances Ritz**, Ruth A. Stevenson**;  Omicron: Diane Elliott, Florence L. Tackett; Pi: Janet M. Braiser, Jeanne Brandt, Yvonne T. Rall, Dorothy L. Rankin; Nu Rho: Marilyn A. August, Marie A. DeCapite, Laurette Sinkosky; Sigma: Mary L. Gasper, Lillian E.  Krizansky, Elizabeth J. Ptak; Tau: Elizabeth M. Nassif*, Sharyl White-Ewing; Upsilon: Dana L. Sherman; Phi: Elizabeth A. Dalton#, Karen C. Redovian, Sister Dorothy Mattingly OP; Chi: Thelma Hopkins; Omega: Jane A. Freund

Alpha Delta: Caryl W. Bookman, Gladys W. Shoemaker*, Norma J. Wilson*; Alpha Zeta: Janet M. Webb; Alpha Eta: Helen J. Brumfield*, Sister Loretta Saupe; Alpha Theta: Marilyn J. Bupp*, Elizabeth A. Greinig*; Alpha Iota: Leona L. Marra*, Kathryn M. Spillman, Patricia B. Trotter; Alpha Lambda: Susan Matters; Alpha Mu: Dr. Patricia Hornberger, Georgia E. Smyth; Alpha Nu: Helen L. Neel*; Alpha Xi: Barbara Downhour**, Deborah J. Mohney, Patricia L. Napier*, Lynne M. Risch;  Alpha Sigma: Jane Booth, Donna J. March*, Gracie M. Rissler; Alpha Tau: Odette G. Bailey, Marybeth Corbett, B. Gail Eckler; Alpha Phi: Virginia L. Stuckert; Alpha Psi: Rose F. Isch*, Dr. Marilyn Murphree, Mary Pollock; Alpha Omega: Mary J.  DiCristofaro, Cynthia Sweeney 

Beta Alpha: Linda Deel, Georgiana Jenkins; Beta Gamma: Tamara H. Colon, Geraldine Wilson*; Beta Delta: Sally J. Kennedy; Beta Epsilon: Doris C. King*, Norma Zorn; Beta Zeta: Loretta J.  Brannan, Ruth R.  Johnson, Sue C.  Meyer, Doris Ruby***;  Beta Kappa: Ruth E. Heins**;  Beta Lambda: Marjorie E. Blair, Dr. Annette E. Jefferson, Elizabeth C. Meyer; Beta Nu: Dr. Nancy R. Hamant*, Joyce A. Hoffman, Janet L. Peter; Beta Xi: Esther R. Ryan; Beta Rho: L. Marlene Moody, Mary L.  Partee*, Ann L. Ramey, Molly H. Schiff, Betty A. Shaeffer; Beta Upsilon: Arilla Bauer**; Beta Chi: Lois J. Brown**, Mary L. Krauss; Beta Psi: Karen E. Ruemping 
Gamma Theta: Margaret E. Barb*; Gamma Lambda: Mary Maloney*; Gamma Mu: Dr. Mary C. Wells; Gamma Nu: Helen G. Bercaw *; Gamma Pi: Barbara Huberty, Ila J. Paxson, Dr. Jean A. Williams; Gamma Phi: JoAnne Jones 
Delta Delta: Bonnie L. Clemente; Delta Iota: Madalene Bing, Vivian J. Brown;  Delta Kappa: Mary L. Whistler-Miller; Delta Upsilon: JoEllen Eberhart, Janet E. Edel, Zovinar N. Lair; Delta Chi: Rev. Virginia A. Duffy, Gail House, Katherine S. Sabo; Delta Omega: Rosalie A. Doran  
#  Charter Member         * Fifty Year Member
** Sixty Year Member     *** Seventy Year Member
Looking for Passionate DKG Volunteers
Calling All Passionate Volunteers!

Do you have a passion to serve the Ohio State Organization, but have never taken the first step? Have you served at the state level before and found it to be a rewarding experience? Whichever category you relate to, OSO needs and wants you! The state officers are beginning the process of filling leadership positions for the 2021-2023 biennium. Please complete the online form and submit no later than June 1.

Debby Canter, Delta Epsilon
Missed a Breakout Session?
Missed a breakout session or the convention and want to view one again? You are in luck! Videos of the breakout sessions as well as the convention have been posted on our DKG-OSO's YouTube channel. View a breakout session by clicking on the image above or the button at the top of every issue of The Voice.
Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee
To All OSO Chapter Presidents

New Bylaws were approved at the 2021 OSO Convention. The Bylaws Committee is now ready to review chapter rules to see that they align with the new Bylaws. In order to guarantee that all OSO members have a copy of the Bylaws, it has been posted to the State website. This website post also has a Chapter Rules Checklist to be used as an alignment tool.

You will need to send to the Bylaws Committee a copy of your aligned Chapter Rules along with a completed Chapter Rules Checklist.

Here are the steps for chapters to follow:

  • Locate the OSO Bylaws 2021.
  • Locate the Chapter Rules Checklist.
  • Using the 2021 copy of the Bylaws of OSO and your chapter’s current copy of Chapter Rules, align your chapter rules.
  • Type these according to the format outlined in the checklist. (Bold font
headings and boxed checklists under the headings).
  • Review a final time.
  • Send in a completed Chapter Rules Checklist with a copy of your Chapter Rules.
  • This can be sent by email or US Postal Service to the OSO Bylaws Committee 
  • Chairman.

Before July 1, 2021, send to
Joan Bostelman      jbost08@woh.rr.com
6739 Grovebelle Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45424

  • After July 1, there will be a new 2021-2023 chairman. You will receive a new address as to where to send your checklist.

Please accept our gratitude for completing this task.

OSO Bylaws/Standing Rules Committee 2019-2021
Linda Harrison, Pi
Donna Myers, Kappa
Jennifer Shields, Beta Delta
Joyce Jones Weinkam, Gamma Xi
Joan Bostelman, Chair, Beta Psi
Educational Excellence Committee
Show and Share Your "Seeds of Love" with Children/Teens from the Foster Care Ohio Network

During this season of Spring as things begin to sprout and grow, let’s remember to share and shower some of your DKG ‘seeds of love’ on our Ohio foster care children and teens. Here are some 2021 Ohio foster care statistics…. 
  • 16,000 individuals are in the Foster Care Network
  • More than 1,000 individuals in foster care are teenagers
  • More than 9,000 of those individuals are living with foster parents. The rest are living in residential care, with friends, or with relatives who are called kinship caregivers
  • There are many services suspended due to the pandemic for foster children which includes counseling and speech therapy
  • Foster care visitations can’t always take place between families due to the fluctuating COVID-19 level uncertainties in many Ohio counties and
  • Approximately 3,000 foster children in Ohio are waiting to be adopted
Let’s reflect on our OSO Educational Excellence Committee Foster Care initiative Project Plans that encourage our theme that ignite our chapters by….
  • Fostering Hope
  • Fostering Love
  • Fostering by Giving 
Our Ohio foster care children and teens, need us now more than ever, to shower seeds of hope and love to them. We need to help with the needs in their lives throughout these stressful times of uncertainty during this pandemic. Let’s continue to give to them, remembering to foster hope in their lives, as you follow through with your EEC Foster Care Initiative plan of action that has been established by your DKG chapter especially during this season of perennial newness, spouting and growth.
Recently, the Gamma Nu Chapter members from Columbus participated in and provided the resources for the Foster Care initiative project entitled “Much Love.” This senior project was created and inspired by a student from St. Francis DeSales High School [who was adopted] named Mina Nichelle McGee. This project was designed to provide 30 young children ages infant to 10 years old with their ‘very own forever items’ that could permanently be kept by the child in the foster care network who were from Youth Advocate Services in Columbus. Each child received from the Gamma Nu Chapter developmentally appropriate “forever items” to be kept in their very own permanent transport vessel. These items will travel with them to wherever the infant or child is placed. Each travel transport vessel contained developmentally appropriate items which included tactile learning toys, different books, stress therapy relief aides, building toys including blocks and magnets, social skills games, board games, card games, assorted puzzles, magnetic drawing boards, along with stuffed and plastic animals. 
So DKG Sisters…during this month of May encourage your DKG chapter to continue to reach our OSO EEC goal to share and show love to the Ohio foster care children and teens… Fostering Hope, Fostering Love, and Fostering by Giving. 
Let’s be like those individuals/those heroes who are mentioned as the ‘first responders’ to the needs of our children/teens in our world by Mr. Fred Rogers when he said, “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say-"It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem. Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.”
Melodie A. McGee, Gamma Nu
OSO Educational Excellence Committee, Chairman
2021 Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar
Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation
Welcome New ADSOEF Board of Directors!

Congratulations to our newly elected ADSOEF Directors and returning Directors for the coming fiscal years!

Directors elected April 8, 2021
Debbie Frazier, Beta Rho Chapter, 2021-24
Dr. Lois Harkins, Alpha Lambda Chapter, 2021-24
Millie Holzer, Beta Zeta Chapter, 2021-24
Dr. Norma K. Kirby, Alpha Delta Chapter, 2021-23
Judith Rank, Gamma Gamma Chapter, 2021-24
Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa Chapter, 2021-23
Christine Snoddy, Alpha Lambda Chapter, 2021-24

Directors completing terms
Karyn Kern-Lazear, Gamma Phi Chapter, 2019-23
Sandy Royer, Delta Kappa Chapter, 2019-23
Jackie Thase-Burch, Alpha Upsilon, 2019-23

These members have been elected to play a pivotal role in the care and distribution of funds donated to Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation (ADSOEF) to fulfill charitable purposes relating to professional and personal growth of educators and educational excellence.

This is very honorable work requiring a duty of care, duty of loyalty, duty of compliance, and duty to maintain accounts, best accomplished as a cohesive team. On May 6, Directors will gather via zoom for an Orientation meeting to review the operations of your Foundation.

Please give these Directors your full support as they lead Ohio DKG/ADSOEF members in educational philanthropy - giving opportunities to educators that multiply excellence in education exponentially!
Stories from the Classroom

In our mission to promote future excellence in education, ADSOEF awards funds to young women and men needing and deserving support in their student teaching year at state universities.  The Scholarship Committee evaluates applications to select worthy recipients and only asks these future educators to tell us about their experiences.

Megan Anderson, 2020-2021 Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant recipient shares her experience below. 

Although there were many different challenges this year, I have had an amazing and rewarding student teaching experience. The day-to-day teaching environment in my school was traditional as we met face to face for most of the year. The times we met virtual were definitely a different experience, as you can imagine. Trying to monitor the chat box, the student’s virtual hands, and presenting a lesson that you spent many hours preparing for virtual can become a little challenging. However, it was an experience that I am thankful for. All these challenges have helped me to become a better and more flexible teacher. With that being said, I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to also be in the classroom and interact with my students on a personal level. My CT and other individuals in the school I was in were all very supportive during this unusual time. We all helped each other to work through the school year and deliver the best content and experience possible for the students in our classroom. The Esther H. Strickland grant allowed me to focus on my education and take on all the requirements I had to complete for my program. I am thankful that this grant helped me to head towards the finish line of my education and start my teaching career. Overall, I had a great time developing my teaching skills, building relationships with my students, and pursuing my education at Wright State University. I could not have done it without the support of my instructors, my CT, and the support I received from the Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant!
2021-2022 Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching
Grant Recipients

OSO and ADSOEF honors the 2021-2022 following Esther H. Strickland Grant recipients:
Brooke Anderson
Brooke Carver
Carley Derexson
Alisha Jenkins
Ross Kaufman
Samantha Lowe
Megan Manning
Ashlynn Moore
Michael Sweeney
Mya Violet
Shawnee State
Wright State University
Ohio University-Lancaster
The Ohio State University-Newark
The Ohio State University-Lima
Ohio University-Lancaster
Wright State University
Wright State University
Ohio University
Wright State University
Early Childhood
7-12 Education
Pre-K-3rd Grade
Middle Childhood
Science/Social Studies
Pre-K-3rd Grade
Elementary Education
AYA Language Arts
History Education
Elementary Education
We wish each of these recipients, success as they begin their career in education.
ADSOEF Donor Recognition
Important OSO-DKG Dates to Remember
May 1, 2021 - Gold Key Application Now Available Online

May 10, 2021 - "Puzzled" Connectivity Event
7 P.M. on Zoom - Cathy P. Daugherty
Immediate Past International President

June 3, 2021 - 2021 Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar - Belong
7 P.M. on Zoom - Lelia Kubesch, 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year

June 10, 2021 - 2021 Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar - Believe
7 P.M. on Zoom - Lelia Kubesch, 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year

June 17, 2021 - 2021 Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar - Build
7 P.M. on Zoom - Lelia Kubesch, 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year

June 30, 2021 - Gold Key Application Due

June 30, 2021 - Chapter President's Report Due

June 30, 2021 - DKG Dues Due

July 15, 2021 - Chapter Treasurer's Annual Report Due
Send to State Treasurer
Remembering Our Lost Sisters