Volume 93 | March 1, 2021
News from Ohio State Organization
The First of Its Kind in DKG/Ohio History…

The 2021 DKG/Ohio Convention, Virtually Yours, will be an opportunity of a lifetime!!

Let’s count the ways...

  • Believe” this to be a “one-of a-kind” opportunity for all of us to play a key role in the making of a lasting state legacy!  Simply register and plan to attend the very first virtual State Convention on April 9 and April 10, 2021.  (Just think…you could be right up there with our pioneer founder Annie Webb Blanton!)
  • It is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a State Convention at no expense…absolutely free from any fees and requires only your commitment of time.  (Seriously ladies, who would pass up an all-expense paid trip to convention!)
  • An indisputable opportunity for all Ohio DKG members to not only “belong” as a member but to actively participate in this historic event. (Consider this…years from now you will be able to say, “I was there!”)
  • A perfect opportunity for each of us to invite or “bring a friend to come along.”  Why not send your friend(s) a copy of the March edition of The Voice to give them a “sample” or a “taste” of what DKG/Ohio is about, as a professional women’s organization.  Invite them to register and participate in our convention activities as a “friend of OSO.”  (Who knows this perfect opportunity may result in a newly inducted member for your chapter this year!)
  • A definite opportunity exists for one to attend the 2021 State Convention from just about any location around the world (that is, with accessibility to wi-fi connection).  (Absolutely no need to make plans to travel by car…train…airplane…submarine…or even by a handy-dandy jet-pack!)
  • You will have the ideal opportunity to attend as many Breakout Sessions as you want or wish!  Breakout sessions will be presented twice a week throughout the months of March and April.  (Warning…said attendance may make one feel a little “brighter” or more informed as a lifelong learner!)
  • For breakout participants this is an excellent opportunity to earn PDU credit(s). (available for most of the scheduled Breakout Sessions).
  • Attending Convention events is an exceptional, as well as unique opportunity for you to help your chapter earn one of the top five attendance awards. A statewide challenge is being held to recognize the top chapters with the greatest percentage of members attending the ADSOEF Annual Meeting, DKG/OSO Convention events, and Breakout Sessions. (Please refer to the Attendance article in this issue.)
  • “Virtually Yours” is a tremendous opportunity to discover more about the Ohio DKG organization.  (Don’t you want to know who wins the Ohio Buckeye/Michigan Cherry Membership Challenge?)
  • This is your golden opportunity to help your State Leadership Team to “build” a stronger, healthier, and more robust organization.  (And who doesn’t want that?)
  • Finally, you will never ever be presented with an easier opportunity to attend a State Convention!   (Linda and I invite all of you to join in and participate from the comfort and safety of your own homes.  Be sure to “tune in” April 9-10, 2021, to enjoy with other fellow DKG/Ohio members, Ohio’s first“Virtually Yours” Convention experience.)

 “We truly are looking forward to seeing all of you at this amazingly historic opportunity!”
Believe in the countless opportunities Delta Kappa Gamma has to offer.
Belong not just as a member, but actively participate with bold commitment and determination to Build Ohio’s future.
2021 DKG/Ohio Convention
Registration Links
Alpha Delta State Ohio Education Foundation
Annual Board Meeting Registration Link
"A Heart for All"
Birthday Luncheon Celebration
During OSO Convention we traditionally give monetary gifts at the Birthday Luncheon. This is to honor the organizing of OSO, Chapter birthday, or anyone's birthday. We will continue the tradition with a virtual party on Saturday, April 10 during this year's Convention.
Help Our Garden Grow
OSO Birthday Non-Luncheon gift has a "sprout" started from one seed of $1,000. Will you gift more seeds? Starting now, use the contribution form to give to the fund of your choice and mail with your check.
Alternative - Donate Online

Continue the tradition - make a donation.
More sprouts give a bountiful crop.

Join the CELEBRATION on April 10 at 11:00 A.M. when we unwrap the gifts.
Let the spirit of
"A Heart for All" continue!
Convention Attendance Award
Although this year’s convention will be virtual, there are plans to still award and recognize chapters with the best convention attendance.  This year we simply have added a special “pandemic twist” or variation, if you will, to the rules.

And the 2021 attendance rules are:
  • The attendance award time period begins on March 2, 2021, and runs through April 29, 2021.
  • To receive attendance credit chapter members must sign in through the Zoom “CHAT” feature for each event they attend.  Sign in with your name and list your chapter’s name.
  • The top five chapters with the highest average percentage of members in attendance at all the convention events, (including breakout sessions for March and April, the two convention meetings for Friday evening and Saturday morning, plus the April 8, 2021, Annual ADSOEF Board Meeting) will be announced in the May edition of The Voice
  • The chapter with the highest percentage overall average will have their name engraved upon the official Ohio Convention Attendance Award Plaque and will receive a membership voucher for the full payment of dues for a newly inducted chapter member for the 2021-2022 calendar year.  
  • The engraved attendance plaque will be presented to the top winning chapter at the Executive Board meeting this fall. 
  • The four remaining chapters will each receive a $50.00 membership voucher to put toward the partial payment of dues for a newly inducted chapter member for the 2021-2022 calendar year.  

Please Note:
  1. Rankings will be calculated based on the average percentage of all the chapter's members in attendance at each individual session. Members who attend multiple sessions will be included each time they participate in a meeting. 
  2. The final rankings will be based on a cumulative chapter attendance at all convention events and meetings.

2021 Convention Schedule at a Glance
Proposed Amendments to
Ohio State Organization Bylaws
The following motions for Amendments to the OSO Bylaws will be made at the General Session of the OSO State Convention. These may be voted on as a group. Please look over and study them. However, if there are any individual amendments that you believe may need to be separated for discussion and a separate vote, please inform our OSO President before the convention so that the PowerPoint can be adjusted beforehand. You may contact any member of the Bylaws Committee if you have any questions. Committee members are Joan Bostelman, Joyce Jones Weinkam, Donna Myers, Linda Harrison, and Jennifer Shields. 

  • The first column indicates in what section of the Bylaws the proposed amendment can be found.
  • The second column states the Bylaws as currently approved.
  • The third column states the proposed change and how the amended Bylaws would read.
  • The fourth column states the reasoning for proposing the change.

OSO President: president@dkgohio.org
Joan Bostelman: jbost08@woh.rr.com
Joyce Jones Weinkam: joyce.weinkam@gmail.com
Donna Myers: myers_d@earthlink.net
Linda Harrison: linda.photobuff@gmail.com
Jennifer Shields: jschields@laca.org 

Proposed Amendments to
Ohio State Organization Standing Rules
Proposed amendments for Standing Rules (from Policies and Procedures Manual) that are not included in amended OSO Bylaws. 

The OSO Policies and Procedures Manual has been reformatted into Standing Rules. The proposed amendments are for items that would be different from the Manual. 

The following motions for Amendments to the OSO Standing Rules will be made at the General Session of the State Convention. These may be voted on as a group. Please look over and study them. However, if there are any individual amendments that you believe may need to be separated for discussion and a separate vote, please inform our OSO President before the Convention so that the PowerPoint can be adjusted beforehand. You may contact any member of the Bylaws/Standing Rules Committee if you have any questions. Committee members: Joan Bostelman, Joyce Jones Weinkam, Donna Myers, Linda Harrison, and Jennifer Shields. 

(NOTE: The Manual listed scholarships with origin, requirements, etc. Some are outdated and are being updated by the OSO Scholarship Committee and ADSOEF. They are still a work in progress and will be addressed in the next biennium.)

  • The first column indicates item subject and in what section of the Standing Rules the proposed amendment can be found. (The first number coincides with the Article number to which it relates in the Bylaws, which accounts for the unusual numerical order.) 
  • The second column states the item as it appears in the Policies and Procedures Manual. 
  • The third column states the proposed change and how the amended Standing Rules would read. 
  • The fourth column states the reasoning for proposing the change. 

OSO President: president@dkgohio.org
Joan Bostelman: jbost08@woh.rr.com
Joyce Jones Weinkam: joyce.weinkam@gmail.com
Donna Myers: myers_d@earthlink.net
Linda Harrison: linda.photobuff@gmail.com
Jennifer Shields: jschields@laca.org 

Listing of Virtual Breakout Sessions
DKG-OSO 2021 Convention
Nominations for OSO Executive Committee
OSO President
Debby Canter, Delta Epsilon
Debby has been a member of Delta Kappa Gamma International for eighteen years. She resides in Oak Hill which is in the Central Region and is a member of Delta Epsilon Chapter. She has served at the State level as Second Vice President/Chair of the Educational Excellence Committee and First Vice President/Chair of the Membership Committee. Debby also served as a committee member of the World Fellowship Committee and was Chairman of the State Bylaws Policies and Procedures Committee. She has attended the International Conventions in 2008 and 2018, Virtual in 2020 and Leadership Training in 2017 and 2019. 

Debby states that she has "learned so much about DKG, OSO, my fellow officers and myself during this time and believe I can continue to be an asset as State President." Debby truly believes in the mission and the seven purposes of the organization. She treasures the relationships that she has developed at both the chapter and State levels. She enjoys meeting and working with OSO members to promote DKG across Ohio. Debby’s goal is to determine how best she can serve the membership especially given the impact the  pandemic has had on our ability to stay connected. She will follow President Diana’s lead of persevering and finding new ways to connect with the members. Debby will do her best to work in cooperation with the other State officers, committee members, the Advisory Committee and to represent Ohio at the International level.
OSO First Vice President
Melodie McGee, Gamma Nu
Melodie A. McGee has been a dedicated member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society, International since 2008.  In the past twelve years, she has served our Society well in many capacities.  As a member of Gamma Nu, Melodie has served as president, first vice president, second vice president, and chaired many committees including Gamma Nu’s 50th Birthday Celebration. As president of Gamma Nu, Melodie was the representative to the Coordinating Council of Franklin and Madison Counties.  She is currently serving as the Delta Kappa Gamma Ohio State Organization Second Vice President.

Melodie has attended several conferences at the regional and national levels. In 2015, at the conference in Baltimore, Maryland, Melodie was a presenter and a co-presenter at the International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2014.  In 2018,  Melodie attended the International Conference in Austin, Texas. Melodie has worked diligently at the state level.  In addition to her current position, Melodie has been a presenter at Leadership Training Sessions, Executive Board Meetings, and ADS/OSO conventions.  She has attended every ADS/OSO since her initiation!
OSO Second Vice President
Michele Maniskas, Alpha Xi
Michele Maniskas a member of Alpha Xi Chapter in Logan, Ohio.  Michele is in her 28th year of teaching with twenty one of those years in first grade in the Logan School District.  Michele currently serves her chapter as Immediate Past President.  She served as Chapter President for four years and has also served as Chapter Vice President, Scholarship Chair, Membership Chair and Remembrance Chair.  At the state level, she has served as a member of the Membership Committee and has attended several state conventions. 

Michele says, “I believe in DKG!  I love being connected to so many women educators from around Ohio.  I believe we are helping women educators stay connected and grow through our seven purposes.  I will work with Debby Canter and the other officers to come up with ways to make her vision a reality and offer support as needed.  I believe my biggest impact on our organization will be my ability to think out of the box.  I am always willing to jump into a task whole heartedly and see to its completion.”
OSO Recording Secretary
Ann Todd, Zeta
Ann Todd is a member of Zeta Chapter.  In addition to holding several offices in her local chapter, Ann has held many positions at the state level including:  Corresponding Secretary, Chairman of Communications and Marketing Committee, Chairman of Leadership Development Committee and Editor of The Voice.  She has also served on an international committee and participated in several international sponsored events.  She is a recipient of the Lucile Cornetet Professional Development Award. 

Although still actively employed, Ann does have a goal of eventually serving as Ohio State Organization President.  We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Ann’s passion and expertise willing to serve in a state office.
OSO Corresponding Secretary
Cindy Lawyer, Alpha Psi
Cindy Lawyer has held this position during the current biennium and wishes to continue.  Besides serving as Corresponding Secretary, Cindy has also held positions of Chairman of the Leadership Development Committee and Chairman the of Personal Growth and Services Committee. She has attended the last ten state conventions and participated in Leadership Development Training and State Executive Board meetings.  Cindy believes these opportunities and experiences have helped her grow over the years and makes her a good candidate for this position. Cindy has served her local chapter, Alpha Psi, as President.  

Cindy stated “I am proud to be an active member of Delta Kappa Gamma at both the local and state level.  I feel that I am a good listener, a team player and want this organization to grow and change into the vision our founding leaders worked so hard to create during a difficult era.  In order for our organization to be effective, we need to be relevant and meet the needs of our members at both the personal and professional level.  Today women educators have a difficult task.  To achieve success in our career, we need the help and support of other women educators who have the same goals and desires to have a positive influence on those we meet and leave a lasting impact on many that need our help.”
Nominations for the Nominating Committee
Area I Northeast
Sally Gillmore, Sigma
Sally Gillmore brings years of experience and service to the nominating committee as she represents Northeast Ohio.  Sally is a member of Sigma where she has served many times as president and treasurer.  She currently serves as treasurer.

At the state level, she has held many roles throughout the years.  Sally has served on the Communications Committee, as Historian, and as the Liaison to the Ohio History Center for two bienniums.  She has also served on the OSO Nominations Committee and the ADSOEF Nominations Committee.  Sally has chaired the Finance Committee and is the current chairman of the Milestones update, an Ad Hoc Committee.
Area II Southeast
Carol Remington, Beta Iota
Carol Remington of Shreve, Ohio, is seeking the position on the Nomination Committee for Area 2, because she enjoys working with teachers to further the cause of DKG. Carol has been a member of Delta Kappa Gamma since October 1982. Carol has actively served her chapter, Beta Iota, as president three times as well as having served in various and different capacities through the years. One of her interest areas is music and has been the chapter music leader.  She has attended three state conventions as well as International conventions.
Area III Northwest
Deborah Mihalik, Alpha Sigma
Deborah A. Mihalik currently serves as co-president of Alpha Sigma and looks forward to serving at the state level.  She has also served her chapter as President, Co-Vice President, and Initiation Chairman.  This year she has been active in Zoom meetings with state officers and other chapter Presidents.  In her chapter, Deborah is an organized leader who reaches out to members to help her make decisions.  She works with members who are in three different counties as they work together for the good of the chapter.

Deborah looks forward to networking with those in her area with information from OSO.
Area IV Southwest
Judy Gerwe, Beta Nu

Judy Gerwepres is a member of Beta Nu Chapter in Cincinnati and is the nominee to serve from Area IV.  She has been a member of DKG since 2002.  She is currently Vice President in charge of programs for her chapter and has served as chairman of the Finance Committee for many years. 
Area V Central
Beverly Babbert, Delta Theta
Beverly Babbert, Delta Theta, is the nominee to represent Area V.  Beverly is the current president of Delta Theta Chapter in Grove City. Beverly has attended biennial seminars in both Cleveland and Cincinnati and has attended recent state conventions.  In her chapter, she has served on the finance, communications, and membership committees.  

On the nominating team, she hopes to make a positive impact as she works with other sisters to accomplish the tasks of the Nominating Committee.
Important OSO-DKG Dates to Remember

April 8, 2021 - ADSOEF Virtual Annual Board Meeting

April 9-10, 2021 - OSO Virtual State Convention
Remembering Our Lost Sisters