Volume 92 | June 1, 2020
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Taking a moment . . .to reflect and say, "thank you!"
Important Updates for Chapter Presidents
Due to the unprecedented pandemic crisis, it became necessary to review, make adjustments and to streamline the Gold Key requirements and the Chapter President's report. Below are links to all the updated information and report forms that need to be completed and submitted by June 30,2020. All the forms are also available on the website https://www.dkgohio.org

It's Going to be a "New Normal"
Now that we are three months into life with the coronavirus, we are hearing people say, “I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal.”  Then we listen to various experts on television who tell us there will be a “new normal.”  What does that mean?  A “new normal” doesn’t sound like the “old normal” which means there is going to be a  change  from what we had before all this started.  Change can be scary, uncomfortable, and challenging, but it can also provide opportunities to find new ways to do things more creatively and effectively.  Below are a few things I’ve been thinking about when considering this “new normal” idea.

  • I have been amazed at what schools and communities have done to recognize the graduates of 2020.  Graduations are not “normally” drive-thru parades with banners for the graduates, but people have gone to great lengths to be creative and to honor those students who have completed their final year of school under such unusual circumstances.  Is this going to be the “new normal?”  I don’t know. 
  • Today, I asked my husband to cut my hair for the first time in my life.  That’s certainly not going to be the “new normal!”  I was desperate! 
  • We received a letter from our pastor outlining the new rules we will need to follow whenever we are able to physically attend church, such as, only certain pews can be used to insure social-distancing, wear facemasks, no hugs or handshakes, no moving around, no children’s church, no greeting each other, file out of the church like at a wedding, etc., etc., etc. This is not our “old normal.”
  • Just about anything can be purchased online.  I found out that Hallmark will send cards to my house.  I can just peruse the different cards online and pick out what I want.  No more standing in front of a display of cards and reading every one before deciding which one is perfect for my need.  This will be my “new normal” for buying cards!
  • Whenever the Fed-Ex or UPS truck stops in front of my house, I get excited, because I usually can’t remember what I ordered.  A couple of days ago, I received a huge box from Sam’s Club.  It was toilet paper!  Yay!  As I was finishing this article, a package arrived from Walmart.  It was hand sanitizer!!  Now if I get two pounds of ground beef with my Clicklist order at Kroger, I will have hit the trifecta this week!!!!
  • Medical professionals, teachers, and essential workers are receiving more appreciation and respect than in the past…more pay would be good, too.  This should have been the “old normal,” but I’m glad it’s the “new normal.”

And what about our DKG State Convention?  What will be the “new normal” for our State Convention?  Many of you have voiced your concerns about holding the State Convention when there is not yet a therapeutic or vaccine for the coronavirus and when there are so many of us who fall in the high risk category.  It seems that the “new normal” for the convention has become a process of planning, reevaluating and planning again….a number of times.  

You were told that the June issue of The Voice would have what you need to register for the convention; however, those in charge at Embassy Suites want to wait until the first week of June to revisit our State Convention contract for August. Early in June President Diana will be sharing your concerns and her concerns with those at Embassy Suites, and the results of that meeting will be sent on to our members.  We will most likely need to do things a bit differently, but teachers have a way of embracing change and making things better than before.  Under President Diana’s leadership, our state officers’ guidance, and the hard work of our individual chapters, we will do whatever it takes “to unite women educators of Ohio in a genuine spiritual fellowship” in the safest way possible.

Linda Diltz, Beta Rho
Convention Coordinator
News From ADSOEF
Overall, I had a great student teaching experience. Throughout the limited time I was in the school, I was able to have an effect on students and meet many amazing teachers. Student teaching for me was a very busy time. Between teaching, lesson planning at night, going to college class at least once a week for three hours, and helping coach baseball, I was very busy. But with being that busy it was a lot of fun to meet new people and create great relationships with the staff and students. With being so busy this grant helped me financially, so I was able to do all of these things. From the grant, it helped me to pay for my classes, rent, and gas from all my traveling during my student teaching. I want to say thank you to Huron City Schools for having me be a student teacher this year and for letting me have a positive impact on your students. And lastly, I want to thank you all again for awarding me the Esther H. Strickland Student Teacher Grant.

Thank you, Gregory Silcox…..Bowling Green State University
My student teaching experience has been absolutely amazing. The teachers at my placement have been incredible; they are very encouraging, they support one another, and they clearly love their job. The staff as a whole creates an overwhelmingly positive learning environment for the students and they go out of their way to make sure everyone feels welcome. Over the past few months, I have built a strong rapport with my students; I love to joke around with them, and I have implemented several engaging activities that they have loved. I've even had a few of them ask if I could be their English teacher next year in ninth grade. Before this year, I never really pictured myself teaching at the middle school level; I always imagined that I would be better suited to teach high schoolers. However, after this placement, I would love to have the opportunity to teach eighth graders again. 

Things have been pretty crazy ever since the Corona outbreak started. Learning has transferred online, and I have really only been able to communicate with my students through email. However, everyone has been trying to make the best of the situation. In an effort to raise morale, the team of eighth-grade teachers and I created a dancing challenge; we each filmed a video of us independently dancing to a popular country song, "Git Up". We then combined our videos into one and challenged the students to create their own videos. They would then send them to us so that we can have a dance-off. The students loved our video and a few of them have created videos of their own.

I just want to thank you again for choosing me to be the recipient of the Esther H. Strickland Grant. Considering how time-consuming grad school is, it has been a struggle to raise money for my tuition. The money that I received from the grant helped exponentially.  

Thank you, Trevor Shockey…..Wright State University  


Thank you, Gregory and Trevor, for your excellence in working with students.  You are changing their lives!  We are proud to know you and have you in the classroom as educators.  We wish each of you continued success!

OSO members – YOU are the ones giving support to these blossoming young educators!  Your generous hearts BUILD the funds, so Foundation awards are possible.  Thank you!  

Building from the Heart  campaign contributions for the Student Teacher Fund will continue to be accepted (see  adseof.weebly.com ) through June 30, 2020.  
YOU - funding the future of excellence in education!
Committee News
Good News for Our Ohio Youth Who "Aged Out of Foster Care" During the 2020 Pandemic

Governor Mike DeWine announced that the State of Ohio would continue to extend financial funding for Ohio youth ages 18 - 20 who"Aged Out of Foster Care" and are transitioning from foster care to adulthood during the pandemic. Funds from the Federal Government will ensure that youth ages 18 to 20 who need financial funding and support will continue to receive both. This funding will allow them to avoid an abrupt entry to adulthood during the time of the onset of the recent pandemic.
Here are some quick facts about young adults who are “aged out” of Foster Care that you might not know:
  • Youth who “aged out” of the foster care no longer receive services provided through the Ohio’s child welfare system because they have reached Ohio's’ legal age for adulthood which is 18 years old
  • Youth who have “aged out” of the foster care system are faced with many issues including: the responsibility of quickly having to find housing, getting a steady job or lack experience from unemployment, enrolling in vocational training programs or post-secondary educational opportunities, taking care of their basic needs, and how to function as an independent adult.
  • Youth who have “aged out” of foster care may have problems with behavioral health issues including mental health disorders. They have lack of access to health care, due to terminated Medicare and other forms of Medicaid due to their age eligibility requirements.
  • Some young adults who have “aged out” of foster care may even have "justice care involvement issues" if they experienced a history of abuse or neglect. They might have a greater risk of getting involved in negative issues with law enforcement, with the court system, and/or spending time in jail or being incarcerated.
So…what can we as Delta Kappa Gamma Society Sisters do to Foster Hope, Foster Love, and Foster by Giving during this time of uncertainty in our world for our youth who are "aged out" of foster care?
We can provide positive adult images that are/have powerful factors against negative outcomes. We can provide needed and critical support in many ways to our youth as they transition into adulthood. This transition from ‘aged out’ youth into adulthood will be more successful when they can have strong connection/relationships in some way with trusted adult supporters like ones in our Delta Kappa Gamma Society OSO community.
Melodie A. McGee, Gamma Nu Chapter, Second Vice President
Educational Excellence, Chairman

Facebook & Video: OSO Members Reach Out

Members are reaching out on our Facebook page in a more personal way. Seeing and hearing a message is more intimate and relatable. 

A few weeks ago Cathy Tenney, our editor, shared a little about herself in a Facebook video. Our need for distancing has not allowed members to meet Cathy, so her video was a brief introduction to many. 

OSO has several more videos promised. The topics may vary and include personal introduction, why they joined and maintain their DKG membership, a DKG topic of general interest, how their chapter is maintaining communications, a memorial event/person in DKG, etc. 

We invite each of you to consider making a video on a DKG topic of your choice. Your computer or smart phone (stabilized) can take excellent videos. Make it two to three minutes long. Most videos are .mp4 or .mov and are the best quality. After you have a video, contact Eileen ( emcnally2535@gmail.com ) for additional information for sharing. 

OSO membership wants to SEE and HEAR from you. Speak up in a video. 
Welcome to DKG/Ohio State Organization!

We  welcome  the following inductees and reinstated individuals as committed and valuable members of our state organization.   Congratulations  for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence.  We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of DKG/Ohio.

Zeta - Judy K. Emmons, Denise K. Mock, Barabra J. Moore, Kim S. Root
Theta - Anglea Adkins, Terry Clutter, Julie Gray
Kappa - Jodi R. Phillips
Omicron - Jacquelen Smith
Pi - Helen Razor
Tau - Margaret Ellen Barrett, Amy Tallon
Alpha Delta - Valerie Bihl, Lindsay Burns, Kristen Glass-Preston, Valerie Hawvermale, Kimbery Johnson
Alpha Zeta - Patricia Dahlie
Alpha Eta - Barbara L. Hasselbach, Brooke E. Miller, Kelly S. Wilson
Alpha Iota - Phyllis DeFiore-Golden, Karol MacKay
Alpha Xi - Donna Anderson, Diana Dixon, Rachel Kallimanis, Suzanne Oldham
Alpha Psi - Denise S. Bruns, Susan M. Dietz
Alpha Omega - Chrisine Guesman
Beta Alpha - Karen Polcyn
Beta Gamma - Sister Mary Berigan
Beta Eta - Cathy Burgei, Helen Doboze
Beta Iota - Jennifer E. McCluggage
Beta Pi - Patricia Guenther, Melissa Pezzuolo, Brittany Schnellbach
Beta Rho - Johnnie Hooks
Beta Upsilon - Paulina Rodgers, Jodi Schumm
Beta Chi - Darnelle A. Clark
Gamma Theta - Aimee Darnell, Sue Lefler, Cassandra Salmi
Gamma Xi - Judith J. Ebbing, Jami M. Fullingotn, Janice M. Kekm, Lisa Smallwood, Elizabeth L. Storer, Beverly J. Worley
Gamma Upsilon - Melissa Foster, Megan Halko
Gamma Phi - Jo-Anne Prenderville
Delta Delta - Julianne Carsone
Delta Kappa - Paula R. Bowers
Delta Mu - Kathryn McFerin
Delta Phi - Debra Gilmore
Delta Psi - Krystyna Krawczyk, Marcia Ratner, Judith Spicehandler

Pi- Nancy Vogel
Gamma Xi - Catherine Sue Barnes
Delta Alpha - Kathleen Essi

Congratulations to these chapters for working toward our Buckeye-Cherry Membership Challenge. We look forward to meeting all of the new members and hope that you will join us at the Ohio State Organization Convention in August.

Debby Canter
OSO Membership Chair
Dates to Remember

 JUNE 30, 2020 - Form 110 Chapter Officers Report Due
Gold Key Online Application Due
Chapter President's Report Due

AUGUST 28 - 30, 2020 - OSO State Convention
Embassy Suites in Dublin, OH
Remembering Our Lost Sisters