Volume 94 - Issue 1 | July 2021

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
From Debby's Desk
Passion - a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. 

Our Immediate Past State President, Diana Kirkpatrick, led us into unchartered territory by enlisting key members to navigate us through the technology that was needed to keep our members informed and connected. It’s difficult to stay motivated and committed through a computer screen so being able to meet in person again will hopefully reignite our passion for DKG/OSO. 

The OSO Administrative Team met for a brainstorming session a few weeks ago and there was definitely a desire to make plans for the new biennium with in person, Zoom and hybrid meetings to accommodate members. We are all ready to join you in uniting our passion for OSO.

For the past four years, the Educational Excellence Committee has been focusing on the Foster Care System in your communities. Many of you may remember that this is something for which I am passionate; however, I believe that it may be time to shift our focus. This does not mean that you cannot continue to address the needs of the foster children in your area as I am sure you have found this to be a worthwhile endeavor. During this biennium, your chapter may choose from three areas of interest that are passions of mine. The first will be conducting programs to increase awareness of organ donation through one of four organizations in the state. The second will be Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in cooperation with Ohio First Lady Fran Dewine’s efforts in our state. The third will be a DKG Girl Scout program that was developed by Texas State Organization. Information on all three endeavors will be made available in upcoming issues of The Voice and at the OSO 2021 fall executive board meeting. 

I have been reaching out to members to fill spots on the State committees. If you said yes, thank you for your passion to serve OSO. If you would like to serve in some capacity, there are opportunities still available. Please call me @ 740-688-1604 or email me president@dkgohio.org

Plans are being made for the Leadership Development meeting that will be held on Friday, August 6, in Washington Court House. This will be a chance for all state committees to meet, get to know each other, and make plans to benefit our State organization. The details are still being worked out, and you will be notified just as soon as the plans are finalized. 

As you have read, I tried to work the word passion into my first article several times. Yes, I am passionate about our purposes! Yes, the Administrative Team is passionate about our purposes! Join us with your passion for our purposes and we will do great things together!

With Passion for Our Purposes,
Ohio State Organization Leadership Team
2021 - 2023
Front: Cindy Lawyer, Corresponding Secretary; Eileen McNally, Webmaster; Ann Todd, Recording Secretary. Back: Cathy Tenney, Editor of The Voice; Michele Maniskas, Second Vice-President; Melodie McGee, First Vice-President; Debby Canter, President; Diana Haskell, Treasurer; Diana Kirkpatrick, Immediate Past President; Joyce Jone-Weinkam, Parliamentarian.
Greek Alphabet
Biennial Seminar
The 2021 Summer Lifelong Learning Biennial Seminar was presented virtually by Leila Kubesch, the 2020 Ohio Teacher of the Year. Lelia shared with those in attendance, through a three-part series how to Believe, Belong, and Build. She invited our DKG sisters to get connected, to dream big, and pass it on! We were fortunate to receive inspiration, whether we are currently in the classroom or walking through our retirement years. A big thank you to Lelia for offering an empowerment summer series to our members and for those who participated. 

Cindy Lawyer, Alpha Psi
Biennial Seminar Coordinator
Corresponding Secretary
ADSOEF Preparing for 2021-2022

Your Foundation is looking forward to a new and productive year!  The successful work of ADSOEF will continue with support from its members.  All members of Ohio State Organization DKG are also members of Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation!  

In accordance with the ADSOEF Bylaws, the Board of Directors elected the following officers for the upcoming fiscal year.  
  • Dr. Norma Kirby, Chairman
  • Marilyn Slusser, Vice-Chairman
  • Jackie Thase-Burch, Secretary
  • Dr. Lois Harkins, Treasurer.  

Debby Canter, OSO President, will serve on the Foundation Board as the OSO liaison.

The following Foundation committee chairmen are also ready to serve for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Debbie Frazier, Donor Relations Committee Chairman 
  • Millie Holzer, Finance Committee Chairman 
  • Karyn Kern-Lazear Governance Committee Chairman 
  • Sandy Royer, Fundraising Committee Chairman 
  • Marilyn Slusser, OSO Scholarship Committee Chairman  and A. M. Boyd Overseas Committee Chairman
  • Chris Snoddy, Educational Services Committee Chairman 
  • Jackie Thase-Burch, Marketing Committee Chairman 
  • The Nominating Committee will be appointed in the near future

More talented, enthusiastic members are needed to support the work of the Foundation.  If you are interested in sharing your special talents, serving on one the committees listed above, or being a chapter representative, please contact Dr. Norma Kirby.   

The 2021-2022 Foundation year will be the best ever with your participation and support!
Thank You ADSOEF Members

This Foundation could not have done anything without YOU in these past four years of our existence.  You have donated valuable time serving as chapter representatives, or on Foundation committee members, or even as directors.  You have shared your talents by creating items for fundraisers, helping out at conventions, and sharing your ideas in meetings.  And you have given of your treasure again and again as you are inspired to build excellence in the educators of today and tomorrow.

You are ADSOEF!  You provide the Foundation for the future!

Your generosity makes me proud. 

Your tenacity makes me humble.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do.

Kathy McClendon
Stories from the Classroom

Haley Garland

I had a wonderful student teaching experience at Shawnee Middle School. I taught 7th and 8th grade, some students I even had the year before. I started the year in Math where I had students online and in the classroom. This was definitely a tough task once I took over full-time teaching, but I was able to find many amazing resources that accommodated my students no matter where they were learning. At the end of my student teaching, while I was teaching history, my school was back to five-day in person instruction with no more live streaming. This was a major difference from the beginning of the year. It was amazing to finally see the students that I used to see just on the computer in my classroom. I was also asked if I would like to be a coach for the current track season at Shawnee. I accepted and it has been awesome to see my students outside of the classroom and meet more students. While student teaching I was able to cut back hours from my job and really focus on crafting lessons for my students. I cannot express how much it has helped me. 

Thank you!
Emma Campbell

If I had to choose one skill that I have developed more than anything else during student teaching, it would definitely be flexibility. When I began student teaching, my school was in a hybrid cohort model, meaning that half of my students were online and the other half were in-person, but the in-person students remained in their cohorts all day; so, I rotated classes to give Geometry instruction, which is obviously not the typical teaching experience. Beyond that, the way the cohorts were organized made it so that I only visited one cohort where all of the students were actually my students! Sure, every kid I saw was in Geometry (and, since we team-teach, they were working on the same materials as my students), but I wasn’t technically their teacher; I didn’t grade or assign their work, I just created the materials! At the same time, every Wednesday was a remote, synchronous learning day, where all classes took place on Zoom. In all honesty, I looked forward most to these days because they gave me the most interaction (mostly through Zoom instant messaging chats) with my students.

ADSOEF Donor Recognition
DKG Spring Gallery of Fine Arts
The Voice Editor's Photographs Selected
The Arts & Humanities Jury of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International have announced the publication of two photographs by Cathy Tenney, in the DKG Gallery of Fine Arts, an online gallery of works of art at www.dkg.org. Cathy is editor of The Voice and a member of Beta Kappa Chapter. The top picture is of the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. The second picture is of an Alaskan Puffin taken in Seward, Alaska.
Remembering Our Lost Sisters
Chapter Happenings
Deb Mihalik of Alpha Sigma presents Sandy Best with her 50 year pin.
Sandy Rouser of Alpha Sigma receives her 50 year pin from Deb Mihalik.
Jean Ziogas adds a sticker to the heart for each $10 Walmart gift card for the Alpha Gamma Chapter's Foster Care project.
Beta Rho Chapter held a drive-thru food drop-off to benefit the Pickaway County Community Cupboards. The Community Cupboards are wooden boxes scattered throughout Pickaway County that are stocked with food items and personal hygiene items to help those in need.  People can go to these boxes and take out of them whatever they need to feed and care for their families.  
Alpha Nu Chapter utilized our beautiful, historical park shelter house at Rising Park to hold our meeting outdoors during the pandemic. 
Leana Spencer, co-president of the Alpha Omega Chapter, presented Dee Dee Prezioso of Trumbull County Children Services Foster Care with a monetary donation.
Gamma Theta Chapter's food drive collected 1,705 food items which were given to End 68 Hours of Hunger.
Beta Kappa Chapter celebrated its 75th birthday by wearing hats reminiscent of the 40's. Chapter members celebrated with two birthday cakes and recognized members celebrating their milestone years with certificates. Coleen Lumpkin was recognized for 50 years as a member.
The Gamma Nu Chapter members participated in and provided the resources for the Foster Care initiative project entitled “Much Love.” This project was designed to provide 30 young children ages infant to 10 yrs. old with their ‘very own forever items’ that could permanently be kept by the child in the foster care network who were from Youth Advocate Services in Columbus, Ohio.
Delta Kappa Chapter welcomed five new members that included a middle school principal, a first year teacher, a second year teacher and two experienced teachers. 
Karen Estridge, Zeta Chapter president prepares a card for her secret sister.
Delta Phi Chapter celebrated there 47th birthday via Zoom with a birthday dessert!
Delta Chi Chapter spent a perfect spring evening visiting John's Flowers. Members were able to take advantage of a discount he offered and took home some beautiful flowers. They were also given three hanging baskets to raffle off and a portion of his day's sales donated to the chapter's Grant-In-Aid.
A new teacher in Auglaize county displays a gift certificate that all new female teachers received from Beta Upsilon. She will become a member of Beta Upsilon in the fall.
Beta Upsilon put together items for the Auglaize county Book Bag project.
Esther Alspaugh won the most coveted item of Beta Kappa Chapter's Brown Bag Auction! Toilet paper!
Gamma Xi Chapter Co-Presidents Judy Warner and Joyce Jones-Weinkam present a check to Delyse Lawless of Hope's Closet which supports foster children and their families.
Lou Ann Elliot of Alpha Tau Chapter received her 50 year pin as a member of DKG.
Alpha Theta recently met at Orr Park in Orrville to honor our scholarship winner Hannah Baker. She received a $1000 scholarship from our club.
Beta Alpha Chapter visited Fur Peace Ranch, a guitar camp located in Meigs County.
Delta Delta Chapter held a celebratory luncheon in honor of the founding of their chapter 50 years ago at The Lake Club.
Gamma Upsilon donated five baskets of home goods and supplies to Safer Futures of Family and Community Services.
Alpha Phi Chapter was blessed to have as our special guest, Diana Kirkpatrick.  Linda Nier, president of Alpha Phi and Diana enjoyed having a dialogue regarding the journey of OSO during her presidency. Diana was so gracious, and the ladies enjoyed having her with us. 
Important OSO-DKG Dates to Remember

July 1, 2021 - New DKG Fiscal Year Begins

July 1, 2021 - Filing opens for Form 990-N

July 15, 2021 - Chapter Treasurer's Annual Report Due
Send to State Treasurer

July 15, 2021 - Articles & Photos for the August Edition of The Voice Due

August 1, 2021 - Submission Deadline for DKG Bulletin: Collegial Exchange

August 15, 2021 - DKG Gallery of Fine Arts Submission Window Opens

September 15, 2021 - DKG Gallery of Fine Arts Submission Window Closes