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April 15th marks the 10-year anniversary of the tragic Boston Marathon events.

#OneBostonDay is a day for community-based organizations, businesses, City workers, and residents to come together for volunteer events and acts of kindness in recognition of our City’s spirit of care for one another.

DJ Henry Dream Fund is supporting the initiative through volunteerism and support.

Click HERE for a list of opportunities to participate in #OneBostonDay
Rooting for a Winning Basketball Season!
To-Do List for April School Vacation Week 2023 (April 17-21)
The Highland Street Foundation is committed to addressing
the most pressing needs and concerns of children and families.
They have compiled a listing of activities happening around
the state for families to participate in.

for more information and a complete listing.
Active Kids Need FUEL!
Try these great kid-tested and approved
recipes from InspiredbyThis.com

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