$75 each 0R $225 FOR SET OF 4
Here is our NEW listing for our now
popular Mini-DIY at Home Workshops
Pick up your supplies, flowers etc on Fridays or Saturdays & follow along Elaine’s video so that you can make it yourself !
Hoping you like our line up as much as we do !
(We are so excited we wet our plants! Haha)
 Pick Up April 9/10

Elaine will walk you through how to create a beautiful rose dome designed in an authentic 1920’s to 30’s mini pressed glass compote compote - select clear or amber glass (amber shown in the photo)
This looks like it is easy – but actually takes a little finesse. & with any luck - it will dry to become an everlasting !

$75 includes the vintage compote, roses, oasis, moss - along with our instructional video.
Pick up April 16/17

This is a spring version of a very popular workshop we offered during our Cabin Fever sessions. In the charming white ceramic florist frog - you will design a wonderful array of fresh flowers - such as tulips, lilac, roses & such! The vase is very useful all summer long to make the most of even a few blooms from the garden (This one you will be making however - will be jam packed with way too many flowers ! LOL)

$75 includes: the Ceramic Florist Frog, all the cut flowers
 - along with our instructional video.
Pressed, Frozen, Candied or Stamped $75
Pick up April 23/24

For the love of Pansies ! We will doing so many things together (well - via video - so virtually I guess) First - you will receive a whole wack of CUT pansies, as well as a plant… & this wonderful Gardener’s Press - so that you can press the flowers to frame at a later date.
Elaine will also show you a really fun stamping technique - where the image of the pansy can be transferred to linen napkins or even a t-shirt. Also! pansies are edible !!! So we will be reviewing this for sure too ! In France they even have violet sugar & violet liquer (pansies are part of the violet family) Well - on & on - this is going to be fun !

$75 includes: the pressing kit, cut pansies, a pansy plant, a cupcake, a linen napkin (you will need a little hammer & you might want your own plain white t-shirt too - along with our instructional video.
Pick up April 30/May 1

Love this little white French Onion Soup Tureen ! Using a wire florist frog - you’ll follow along Elaine’s video to create a very pretty floral arrangement of the fav spring cut flowers - including lilac, sweet pea & early peonies! A little early week before Mother’s Day gift !
Once the flowers are tired - plant the tureen up with thyme or a succulent - very pretty - or of course you can serve soup ! LOL
$75 includes: the tureen, wire florist frog, all the fabulous cut flowers - along with our instructional video.
(or 2 for $125 for Mother’s Day)
Pick up May 7/8

What girl hasn’t at some point in her life not wanted to don a Fairy Flower Crown and play princess ? Well - of course ! & What a terrific project to share for Mother’s Day - the photo ops !

$75 includes: all the flowers, florist tape, wire & long pretty ribbons ! - along with our instructional video.
(or 2 for $125 for Mother’s Day)
Pick up May 7/8

You’ll start with a hand-crafted twig & grapevine wreath base and follow along Elaine’s video to discover tips on flower placement. We will be working with fresh flowers that dry naturally right in the wreath - so with any luck - this can last you throughout the season !

$75 includes: the twig & grapevine wreath, all the flowers & foliage
& a few florist pics (a stick with a wire on it) - along with our instructional video.
Edibles in a Vintage Sap Pot $75
Pick up May 14/15

Hooray! It’s that time of year when we can plant outside !
In a low & wide, Vintage Maple Sap Bucket, you’ll plant up seedlings of lettuce, carrots, beats, chives, snow peas & such - to create this Moveable Feast ! Indoors set it near a window - or as long as we are past the frost - set it outside (Elaine likes to do so by her kitchen door for quick snipping while cooking!) We’ll add a twig obelisk to give vertical interest - and to support the snow peas !

$75 includes: sap bucket, river pebbles, soil, seedlings, twigs & twine - along with our instructional video.
Pick up May 21/23

The scent is heavenly ! On a copper wreath base, you’ll entwine fresh eucalyptus with cut peonies. Follow along Elaine’s video & she will share secrets to drying this to become an everlasting ! (she says when it gets dusty - just take your hair blower to it)

$75 includes: the copper wire wreath base, a paddle of copper wire, a fresh bundle of eucalyptus & the peonies
 - along with our instructional video.
Pick up May 28/29

Having grown up in a gardening family (Elaine’s parents started the Chinguacousy Garden Club & wrote the garden column for the Brampton newspaper), Elaine has sooooooo many tips to share
- and one of them is all about how to dry flowers - which she did as a child with her Mother & Grandmother. This was also a HUGE topic of interest on her TV show back in the 1990’s. You might even say she is a bit of an expert !

Anyway - the plan for this workshop is Elaine will walk you through all the various drying methods - (you’ll have a bunch of flowers as examples in your kit you pick up) & then …
You will be making a set of three little mini arrangements - with lavender, larkspur, peony, roses and such - to create the French Everlasting Trio - very cool !

$75 includes: the 3 little pots, all the flowers, oasis, moss - - along with our instructional video.
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