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The Dry Farming Institute (DFI) is launching a dry farmed produce marketing campaign this year to help educate consumers and build awareness about the benefits of dry farming.

Why Buy Dry? There are many reasons to buy 'Dry Farmed' produce including flavor, storability, conservation, and supporting resilience in our food system. To learn more visit about the benefits and how dry farming works visit: https://dryfarming.org/resources/

If you are a dry farmer that would you like to use the 'Dry Farmed' product label and be listed in the Dry Farmed Produce Directory to help market dry farmed produce and build awareness about the benefits of dry farming? If so, we are excited to support you and have your help in sharing about the benefits of dry farming!
This year, we have launched the Resilient Seed Stewardship Program, which is dedicated to increasing public knowledge and availability of drought-tolerant crop varieties that thrive when dry-farmed in the Pacific Northwest. This first year, we are producing seed from drought-tolerant selections of Open Oak Party Mix dent corn (Adaptive Seeds) and Beefy Resilient Grex (Fertile Valley Seeds, pictured right). Additionally, we will be creating an online directory that lists resilient crop varieties and where to source them, and we will be collaborating with local seed companies to increase access to resilient seeds. Read More
Interested in learning more about dry farming and connecting with growers, researchers and plant breeders committed to thriving in a climate with less water?
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Are you hosting an event featuring dry farming in some way? If so, we would love to help get the word out and increase knowledge and awareness or practices that enable us all to thrive with less water! Please reach out at https://dryfarming.org/contact/ with any event or opportunities we can help promote!