January 17, 2021
Best Week Ever
Mugg's Diner is having the
Best Week Ever
as they announced their one year anniversary!

It's amazing to see the businesses that have opened and stayed open during this very challenging time.

Congrats, Mugg's Diner!
Coming Soon
The Downtown Excelsior Partnership's annual
Chocolate Tour tickets have already gone on sale! Last week DEP announced that there are now under 100 tickets left to be sold! This is an event that normally sells out, so if you want in, get your tickets now!

Word on the Street
Word on the Street is that the Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Excelsior Springs Hospital will be hosting a Farmer's Market on the weekends in the Hitch Lot starting this summer!
COVID-19 Updates
There is new information being released by health care providers regarding the COVID vaccine, including a sign up and information on distribution points. All information can be found on the Clay County Public Health Department's website.

DEP's Trip Planner
DEP's Downtown Trip Planner was released this week with a great spread of community information as it pertains to tourism!

Weekly Updates from the City Manager
For some time Molly McGovern, our City Manager, has been providing updates through a weekly newsletter!

I failed to get the link for last week's Point of View newsletter embed right, so here's last week's link and here's also this week's newsletter!

Sorry for any confusion!
ES Hospital Newsletter
The Excelsior Springs Hospital's newsletter for January is out with news on telehealth advances as well as important information on the Outpatient Clinics that are offered each week!

Weekly Survey Results
Results from the Survey that was taken in the Excelsior Springs Area News, Events, and Daily Deals Facebook Group:

What type of local charity would you be most likely to make a donation?

Animal Care - 38%
School or Youth Related - 35%
Health and Human Services - 19%
Civic or Community Related - 8%

231 Total Responses

Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation are asking for citizens to offer feedback as they approach their annual planning for the year.

Photo taken by Kevin Morgan
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