DDG Companion News | June 30, 2017

Click this image for the La Paloma campaign video.

You can help maintain the DR diocesan ministries!

As financial support from the General Convention of The Episcopal Church comes to a close, maintaining the annual budget of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic will be more dependent upon increased interest income from the  Diocesan endowment. Through the La Paloma campaign, you are invited to contribute to that endowment. Boosting the endowment will avoid the need to decrease the annual diocesan budget when the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada takes over from the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín in November, 2017. To see how much the diocese has grown in the past 26 years under Bishop Holguín's leadership,  check out this video .

The La Paloma website has more information on the campaign, including resource materials and an online link for secure donations. For that campaign website, click here.

The Diocese of Nebraska's youth mission team and Dominican friends preparing to renew their baptismal vows.

Powerful Images of Spiritual Renewal from the 
Youth Team  from the Diocese of Nebraska

On right: Padre Daniel Samuel
Mission teams in the Dominican Republic  almost always involve a  spiritual  element along with working to accomplish projects, visiting in the local Episcopal community, and exploring the attractions of a particular region. The members of the Youth Team from the Diocese of Nebraska were based at the Campamento Monte de la Transfiguración from June 20-27, and they combined a hike to a local waterfall with a renewal of their baptismal vows. Reverendo Daniel Samuel and his wife, Diácona Marie Aurienne Rosier de Samuel, the clergy members at the Campamento, accompanied the missioners along with several local villagers to the waterfall and conducted the baptism renewal service. 

In April-June 2017, 18 mission teams traveled from the United States to work in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. Photographs of all of these teams will be included in the next issue of the DDG's magazine, Compañeros Dominicanos, to be published on July 6, 2017. As soon as  that issue is published, it will be archived online on this web page for all DDG publications

Click this image for more information on the scholarship program of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Development Group.

Thank You for Donating Scholarship Funds

The Diocese of the Dominican Republic created this graphic as a way to express thanks to all churches, mission teams, and individuals who donated funds to support scholarships for students in the Dominican Episcopal schools for the 2016-2017 academic year. The 2017-2018 year begins in mid-August, and now is a good time for scholarship donations for that new term to be contributed and transmitted to the diocesan office in Santo Domingo. Each scholarship for one student for the entire academic year (August 2017-June 2018) costs US$350. The DDG welcomes such donations and has a secure method to transmit them electronically to the Dominican diocese. For more information on this scholarship program, click here. To donate to this program via check, credit card, or PayPal, click here

Click this image for more information on the Global Episcopal Mission Network

Next GEMN Conference - April 11-13, 2018

The Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEMN) convenes a meeting of its members once a year during its  annual  GEMN Global Mission Conference , usually held in April or May and located in a new location each year. Past locations included Ivoryton, CT in 2012; Bogota, Colombia in 2013; Seattle in 2014; Atlanta in 2015; Ponce, Puerto Rico in 2016; and this year the 2017 Global Mission Conference was held at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama, May 24-26. Save the date for next year's conference to be held April 11-13 at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia.

The DDG is a  partner  organization with GEMN, and Bill  Kunkle, the DDG's Executive Director, is an elected member of the GEMN Board.

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