DDG Companion News | January 17, 2017

Toll-free Calls to the DR Mission Team Office

There's a new service sponsored by the DDG to help mission trip planners: a toll-free connection from the DDG's office in Tampa direct to the Mission Team Support Office in Santo Domingo. To use this connection, call the DDG's office (813-400-2722) and select Option 3 when prompted. Via the internet, your call will go directly to the DR Support Office and its three staff members (Karen Carroll, Patricia Martin, and Charlie Nakash). The only cost to you is the cost of the call from your location to Tampa. 

Online Purchase of Tourist Cards Now Available

Click this image to access this Tourist Card website.

The Dominican Republic's Department of Internal Revenue has recently created a website for incoming visitors to purchase one or more $10 Tourist Cards (Tarjeta de Turista) online before entering the country. The website has several language choices, including English, and accepts credit card payments. A receipt for the transaction is emailed to the purchaser, who will need to present this receipt in the arrivals area of a Dominican airport to avoid buying a Tourist Card on site.  

This new service will be especially useful for incoming teams with large numbers of missioners to avoid having each individual take the time to make a separate purchase at the Tourist Card kiosk.

This new service is available at the website linked below:


Click image for DDG social media guide
Let's work together to build an online collection of photographs from all of the mission teams coming from the United States to work in the Diocese of the Dominican 
Republic  in 2017! One way to do that is to tag mission team photographs posted on social media with the hashtag #episcopaldr17. If you're not familiar with the hashtag concept, more information is  available   here . The DDG's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts will be using that hashtag during 2017, and teams are encouraged to use it while posting their own photographs on local social media. 

For a separate information sheet about this new campaign, click the image above or this link. To see an album of photographs of many of the 2016 mission teams, click here. To see an album of the first teams in 2017, click here. Let's get all of them in 2017!

DDG Board Meeting February 13, 2017

Site of the DR diocesan convention February 10-11, 2017

The Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Group will hold its next semi-annual meeting in Santo Domingo on February 13, 2017. This meeting will be preceded by the annual convention of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic in the Andrés district of Boca Chica on February 10-11, 2017, which several of the DDG board members will attend. The convention will be held in the Bishop Skilton Conference Center, across the street from St. Joseph's Episcopal Church (Iglesia Episcopal San José) -- for location, see the red arrow in the map above. For an interactive map of this location, click here. Watch for more information about this convention and the DDG meeting in the February 2017 Companion News and the March 2017 Compañeros Dominicanos

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