DDG Companion News | April 25, 2017

La Paloma campaign video
Click this image for the campaign video.

La Paloma Campaign Video 

Excitement for the La Paloma campaign is building. Different diocesan events and activities are being planned so stay tuned to what's happening near you. And let us know if you are planning your own fundraising event - there are resources available on the website to help. For now, check out this new video highlighting the good works that have been accomplished in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic over the past 26 years.

The La Paloma campaign website has more information on the campaign, including resource materials and an online link for secure donations. For that campaign website, click here.

For registration information about the 2017 GEMN conference, click this image.

GEMN CONFERENCE: May 24-26, 2017

The Global Episcopal Mission Network is the independent mission network dedicated to promoting global mission in the Episcopal Church. GEMN consists of dioceses, churches, organizations, and individuals committed to engaging and connecting people worldwide through global mission relationships. The Dominican Development Group is one of GEMN's partner organizations, and the DDG's  Executive Director, Bill Kunkle, is an elected member of the GEMN Board of Directors. 

This year's GEMN conference will be in the Diocese of Alabama from May 24-26, 2017. For registration information and the complete conference schedule, click here.

DR 2017 teams
To see photos of all of the 2017 mission teams to date_ click this image.

Mission Teams Resume Arriving on April 25 - Today!

After a break for the last weeks of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, mission trips from teams in the United States resume today with a group from the Diocese of Nebraska who will be working for a week in San Francisco de MacorĂ­s and Santiago. On April 27, the spring exploration trip begins with veteran and prospective mission team leaders traveling to many locations within the Diocese of the Dominican Republic to scout potential mission project work sites. This exploration trip will be lead by DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle and Missionary Karen Carroll, the head of the mission team support office in Santo Domingo. 

To see  photos of all of the 2017 mission teams to date, click here. To see the current list of incoming mission teams for all of 2017, click here

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