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MAY 2023 "Connecting quality people to quality homes"

Large housing partner likes new voucher management by JPHSDD

Cypress Grove Apartments Community Manager Terri Austin remembers the previous voucher management system in Jefferson Parish and compares it to the JPHSDD in five simple words — "It's like night and day."

"Now I can get in contact with office personnel which allows you to develop relationships," said Austin. "I can either call people directly or go through the email listing that perfectly refers you to the right person."

Austin helps to manage the large housing community in Westwego which is in the middle of a massive redevelopment project. Austin is currently projecting more than 30 housing units becoming available this month.

Many of the Cypress Grove units have gone through a full renovation with new floors, walls, appliances and HVAC units.

Austin welcomes all HCVP participants to apply for an apartment. She said her team sits down with every client to help them fill out paperwork and make sure their voucher is compatible with the type of apartment they select. They also work to make sure people are not burdened with large application fees.

"We try to make our community like a safe neighborhood," said Austin. "We want to be the place where everyone knows each other and feels comfortable knocking on their neighbors door and asking to borrow some sugar."

"The VPG Management team as a collective wanted to pass on our gratitude for the hard work y’all are putting in under the new JPHSDD. Our questions are answered with more promptness, results come quicker, and the mid-month deposits are a game changer. Also, receiving an email with the unit inspection results is currently my new favorite thing." 

"While we know there are still hiccups to work out, we recognize the progress your organization has made, and it’s made a difference for us and our tenants! Working hand in hand with the JPHSDD, we’re building better communities!"

-Aleta Switzer

Regional Property Manager, VPG Management

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Vision Statement

The Housing Services Development District aims to be a vanguard for affordable housing and self sufficiency programs which meets the various housing needs of the community while providing viable economic opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Housing Services Development District ardently works to create, maintain, and expand a wide variety of affordable housing opportunities across Jefferson Parish.

Core Values

The Housing Services Development District is devoted to our CPR core values which are Commitment, Professionalism, and Respect for all of our stakeholders.

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