Dear Members,
Recently, several business and government agencies in Alaska have been targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks, resulting in damage to their IT systems and significant business interruption. The AMLJIA uses a computer services provider, AlasConnect, which sent the advice below and the attached slide deck to their clients.  I am distributing this because the advice is sound.
Cyber Liability coverage is provided for all AMLJIA members. If you have any suspicions that you have become the target of a cyber attack, you can call Beazley Breach Response Services at 866-567-8570. Explain that you are a member of the AMLJIA and why you suspect a problem.
Cyber Security Tips from AlasConnect:
We recommend that you be on alert for any potential telephone or email scam (including phishing emails). Specifically, we recommend that you and your employees:
  • Do not open email attachments from untrusted or unverified sources
  • Do not authorize payments or bank transfers on the basis of email alone (please call and verify), even if those email messages appear to originate from inside your organization
  • Do not enable "macros" on Word or Excel documents sent to you by email or from unverified sources, including those from individuals applying for job openings
  • Do not authorize payments due to a telephone call you receive. Make sure to call back at a number you previously had on file.
Click the link below to download a PDF document which contains a more comprehensive list of security best practices that may be useful to you and your employees.
I understand you may be hesitant to click any link after the warnings above; if so, please email Sharon Tunnell,, to request a copy.  
Kevin Smith
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