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Item # MPM301

Nonsterile & Sterile Compounding

Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures

Price: $2000.00

This completely updated and revised manual is written to the USP standards for <795>, <797> and <800>, with a heavy emphasis on quality control and assurance. The customizable, comprehensive set of standard operating procedures allows any compounding pharmacy to rapidly bring itself into compliance with PCAB/ACHC Accreditation Standards. Every policy is ready for customization with Microsoft Word templates!

PLUS: Direct references to PCAB standards and Compounding Today policies and procedures are included throughout, with a variety of “best practice” suggestions.

Table of Contents include:

  • Administrative
  • Compounding and Patient Care Process
  • Facility and Equipment
  • Human Resources
  • Material Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Records and Documents
  • Safety
  • Hazardous Drugs

Also included:

  • Thorough crosswalks (Standard to SOP, SOP to Standard, USP to SOP)
  • Over 50 appendices
  • Job Descriptions
  • Forms
  • Reference Tools
  • And much more!
  • Over 7 pages of helpful definitions and acronyms 
  • Customizable SOP template
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