Current Market Conditions and Investment Report

The following market summary will provide insights into market conditions through the end of the Third Quarter. Since then, geopolitical conditions in Israel certainly have worsened. While we do not know the outcome of this activity, we do anticipate some market volatility over the coming months. Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our long-term, value-aligned investment philosophy. In addition, our Investment Committee, under the counsel of our investment advisors and fund managers, will continue to closely monitor the market conditions and make prudent adjustments within the purview of our offering circular. As fiduciaries, we are committed to supporting investment decisions which are in the best interest of our broad Methodist community.

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You Need Estate Planning Too!

Many assume estate planning is for the ultra-wealthy, those without children, or individuals over the taxable estate threshold. However, everyone can use an estate plan. In honor of National Estate Planning Awareness week (October 16-22, 2023), here are some resources for you:

Why is estate planning so crucial?

  •  Ensuring Your Wishes Are Honored: Estate planning allows you to articulate your desires for the distribution of your assets, ensuring that your intentions are carried out as you envision.

  • Leave a Legacy: Make sure your life values are reflected in your estate plan.

  • Care for Loved Ones: If you are caring for others during your lifetime, you can use your estate plan to care for them after you are gone.

  • Minimize Taxes: Even if your estate is under the 2023 estate and gift tax exemption level of $12.92 million ($25.84 million per married couple), certain assets, like traditional individual retirement accounts, could be taxable to your beneficiaries. Also, the gift tax exemption is set to return to $5 million adjusted for inflation in 2026. Proper estate planning can maximize your personal and charitable goals while minimizing tax obligations.

Estate gifts are an important part of the financial resources to help fulfill the mission of your favorite ministry and nonprofit organization. Your legacy gift will make an impact for generations to come. Every gift matters! To learn more about charitable gift planning or to name a charity as a beneficiary of your estate, contact us for more details.

We provide a free estate planning guide and other helpful resources online.

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