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May 2014
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We have ideas for your upcoming celebrations!

There's an awareness day/month for just about everything. Below are a few ideas.


Safety Month

We have almost 30,000 safety-related items. 


Community & Men's Health Awareness 

We have more than 25,000 products that create goodwill by offering preventative solutions.


National Iced Tea Month

Treat your staff to this refreshing libation; we supply the glasses! 


June 6

National Yo-Yo Day

Improve moral; have a Yo-Yo contest branded with your logo!


June 13-20

National Nursing Assistant Week

We have ideas in all price ranges to honor these vital providers.



Ice Cream Month

Have an ice cream party for your staff; we supply the scoops!


Email us today so we can brainstorm ideas for your events!



Curious About Branding?

When I adjusted the volume on Pandora radio, the bottom two-thirds of this album cover was obscured by an ad. In the matter of a nanosecond or two, Curious George  
popped into my mind.

When I closed the ad, imagine my surprise when I realized that the album is from the movie Curious George. Making the connection to Curious George was no accident. The typeface for "Jack Johnson" is the same as in Curious George book covers. The colors are also the same: red type on a yellow background.


Full disclosure: I have only a passing knowledge of the curious little monkey and his adventures with the "Man with the Yellow Hat." I not only haven't seen the film, I didn't even know there was a movie.


My experience illustrates how vital consistency is in maintaining your brand. Curious George is so far removed from my conscious mind as to be non-existent. Yet a split-second encounter with its "brand" made an instantaneous 

connection. Who knew that Curious George is alive and well in my subconscious mind!


Companies that understand the importance of maintaining their brand create logo standards. These guides describe exactly what colors can be used to print their logo, how and where the logo can be used, and other specific rules.


You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to be concerned about maintaining the look of your logo. Actually, you need to be even more vigilant because your marketing budget is more limited, making every exposure paramount.


At Jeanie Communications maintaining our clients' brand is the guiding force behind everything we do. If you want help harnessing the power of your customers' subconscious minds with better branding, email us today

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