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To find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM.

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🎈Vamorolone Update - Vamorolone Approved In DMD

🎈Our Web Resources Are Available In Spanish!

🎈Hope Is In The Research - Double Your Impact!!

🎈2023 Impact Report - 20 Years of Progress

🎈2023 Regional And Virtual Events - Save The Dates!

You may have heard about the FDA's recent ruling, which approved vamorolone as an alternative steroid for use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  


Vamorolone is a new steroid alternative with fewer side effects than prednisone. The drug aims to preserve the beneficial anti-inflammatory and muscle-strengthening characteristics of corticosteroids, while decreasing some of the unwelcome side effects.

Vamorolone will need more study in juvenile myositis before most pediatric rheumatologists will be comfortable prescribing it for juvenile myositis.

"We remain urgently focused on working with the FDA and with the vamorolone developers to conduct a safety and efficacy trial in juvenile myositis. We are so grateful to Drs. Eric Hoffman and Kanneboyina Nagaraju of the Cure JM Medical Advisory Board for their dedication and fundamental research that led to the creation of vamorolone. Dr. Hoffman presented how vamorolone acts and why it is superior to prednisone in a September Town Hall presentation to Cure JM families," said Andrew Heaton, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Cure JM Foundation.

Cure JM's plan for a vamorolone clinical trial in juvenile myositis is now before the FDA. We are hopeful that this approval will help clear the path for testing of the drug in juvenile myositis.

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As our community continues to grow and our mission promises to improve care and support for our families, we have recognized the need for new resources on our website.

We are excited to share the news that our website is now available in Spanish! This is an important step in continuing to support JM families everywhere.

To view the website in Spanish, simply click the “ES” button on the top navigation to the right of the “donate” button.

We appreciate your voice on the resources that we provide to all of our JM patients and families.

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The season of "hope" is here, and our momentum is building as we approach the biggest day of the year for Cure JM! Giving Tuesday, November 28th, is a day of global generosity when over four billion dollars will be given to charity.

As JM families, we want some of this powerful generosity to be directed at Cure JM. Because JM is rare, research is only made possible by families like yours, who care so deeply about the future of our kids.

We invite you to join other families nationwide today at www.curejm.org/hopehero. Your participation and generosity are game changers in our success and brighten the path for our kids, teens, and young adults battling JM.

Every dollar makes a difference and helps us win the fight against juvenile myositis.

You can help Cure JM families raise $750,000 for juvenile myositis research.

Double your giving power!! Gifts will be matched by the Coffey Family Match.

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As we open a new fiscal year, we are pleased to share the progress that you made possible over the last year. 2023 has been a monumental year, as we celebrated our 20th year and reached new levels of accomplishment as an organization.

You are the power behind this progress and momentum.

During this historic year, we celebrate 20 years of progress. As we reflect, we are reminded that Cure JM is a family of families. For 20 years, we have remained laser-focused on our mission to fund research that improves treatments, care, and support for juvenile myositis patients.

As we look back on 2023 through our Impact Report, we are proud of the progress our Cure JM families and friends made possible. The research we started this past year will likely lead to better lives for our children.

It is our goal to support each member of the family during the different stages of their family’s JM journey to make this journey easier to navigate.

We pledge to continue the progress you made possible in 2023.

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2023 Regional Events, Virtual Meetings, & Educational Trainings - Save The Dates!

As we round out our 20th year, we are excited to share upcoming regional and virtual community events that will impact our mission for the rest of the year.

This updated page is your single stop for "being in the know" on upcoming chapter events, council meetings, and educational symposiums happening in person and virtually.

Click the button below for a full list of the latest events happening in your area or virtually to connect with others in our JM community.

Have a regional event or DIY fundraiser that you would like featured? Please email betsy.leon@curejm.org with the dates and details.

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