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🎈Ways to Raise Your Voice - Myositis Awareness Month

🎈JM Pioneer - Honored for Milestones in Myositis

🎈Mental Health Awareness - Support Resources

🎈"My Mission, My Impact" - Natalia's Rare Community

🎈Proclaiming Thanks - 600 Strong

🎈2024 Walk Strong National Schedule

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May represents Myositis Awareness Month…an important time to raise our voices on behalf of JM warriors and families around the world fighting for a brighter future. Juvenile myositis is a rare autoimmune disease that affects between 2-4 in one million kids, teens, and young adults. Because JM is so rare, the path to diagnosis and proper care can be challenging to say the least.

We invite you to join us the entire month of May to share your experiences, knowledge and support on this journey. We’ll be sharing ways to raise awareness and support our Myositis Awareness Month efforts and overall mission throughout the month.

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If you’ve followed the Cure JM research community over the years, you’ve likely heard Dr. Lisa Rider's name. Dr. Rider is known as one of the pioneers in JM research, and her work has seen several milestones in myositis progress.

Recently, Dr. Rider was inducted into the American Association of Physicians (AAP) for her vast contributions to pediatric rheumatology and myositis. AAP membership is limited to physicians who are also scientists who have made impactful research contributions to advance biomedical science, medicine, or health.

Dr. Rider and her team have led collaborations to identify genetic and environmental risk factors for myositis in children, classify patients’ symptoms, and uncover markers of disease progression and treatment response. Additionally, her work to quantify patient response to therapies has led to the development of the first FDA product to treat myositis in decades.

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May also represents Mental Health Awareness Month. We'd like to take this time to share our support and resources with those who are coping with the demands of living with JM.

Fighting a rare disease can be mentally and emotionally taxing for not only patients but also caregivers and siblings.

We invite you to join us throughout the month of May to share your experiences, support, and solidarity. We’ll be sharing ways to raise awareness and support our Mental Awareness Month efforts.

Cure JM has curated a variety of Mental Health and Emotional Support resources on our website to help support all patients and families in coping. For questions about our Mental Health and Support Resources reach out to suzanne.edison@curejm.org or (206) 954 - 2999.

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The power of community is a beautiful thing and can shape real change from the local level. In fact, much of our progress is driven at the local level by strong, united communities. One such community is based in Toms River, New Jersey, and has rallied around one of their own and our own JM warrior, Natalia Llauget. 

Natalia’s family partnered with a local favorite, Burger 25 to create a custom menu item for Rare Disease Month, in which a portion of the proceeds were donated to Cure JM.

The entire community rallied around the family and was able to indulge in tasty treats for the cause. A win-win was in order for all!

We recently interviewed Natalia and her mom, Lindsay, to learn more about this community fundraiser and its impact. Join us in celebrating the Llauget and their community!

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The Cure JM Advocates Council, patients, and families proudly presented a Proclamation of Thanks to Dr. Joni Rutter and her team at the National Center for Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the NIH for their work in critical research, drug discovery, and clinical trial breakthroughs in juvenile myositis.

Your wave of support from friends, family, and community was received with heartfelt gratitude from Dr. Rutter and the team at NCATS with nearly 600 signatures!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our Rare Disease warriors and our partners in progress.

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Hundreds in our community are coming together nationwide to walk for a brighter future! 

You can join the fight by striding with us in your region!


Walk Strong events feature food, fun, and friendship as we celebrate the power of community and walk for progress.

We are halfway through the 2024 Walk Strong season and are at 50% of our goal of $500,000! You can check our progress or contribute to our "Walking for a brighter future" goal here.


Upcoming walks:  RSVP here to join a walk in your region!

Don’t see your town listed? Contact Nicole.Ryba@curejm.org to learn more about walking from home or starting a walk.

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