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🎈The Potential of CAR-T in Myositis

🎈Parrish's Story of Hope

🎈Balancing Work & JM Care - Strategies for Working Caregivers

🎈Current Research Opportunities - Get Involved

🎈Sun Protection Tips & Tricks for Summer

🎈2024 Walk Strong National Schedule

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What if I told you that there was a therapy that would “reset” the immune system—virtually eliminating the autoimmune response in myositis that causes inflammation, pain, muscle weakness, and other JM conditions of which we are all too familiar? 

That “reset” exists today and is approved for use of certain blood cancers. A next frontier is to target rheumatic autoimmune diseases such as myositis and lupus, and early clinical trial results are very, very encouraging.

The most notable results have come from Germany, where 15 patients, including three myositis patients as young as 20, completed the trial. All of the patients saw remarkable and lasting improvement—some of up to three years of being “disease-free.”

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We would like to introduce a one-of-a-kind, competitive, and determined young man named Parrish. His story of resiliency and hope is one that will resonate with many of us in the Cure JM community.

Parrish has faced many challenges in his journey with JM but found hope and support in his family and the Cure JM community. We are pleased to share his experience to help others facing similar challenges.

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Balancing the demands of a career with the responsibilities of caregiving is a challenging task for any parent. For those with a child diagnosed with juvenile myositis (JM), a rare autoimmune disease affecting children, the challenge is heightened. Juggling work commitments while providing the necessary care and support for a child with JM can be taxing. In this resource, we hope to provide you with a few effective strategies and insights to help working parents navigate this delicate balance.

Learn more about some of the strategies for working parents of children with juvenile myositis.

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Make a difference in the fight against juvenile myositis by participating in research studies to better understand, treat, and support JM patients.

There are opportunities for JM patients, caretakers, siblings, and healthy friends and family members to impact our progress toward a cure.

Learn more information on specific studies, surveys, and projects that provide a platform for shaping better understanding and improved outcomes.

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With summer underway, we'd like to share an "Ask the Doc" Town Hall on Sun Protection Tips and Tricks for Summer. In this session, Shelia Angeles-Han, MD, MSc, and Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, share the importance of sun protection for JM patients.

Sun Protection Tips & Tricks: What Parents, Grandparents, and Patients Need to Know

What role does sun protection play in managing JM? Will my child be able to enjoy outdoor activities this summer with active disease? What sun protection items offer the best results?

Click below to watch the full session and Q&A.

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Hundreds in our community are coming together nationwide to walk for a brighter future! 

You can join the fight by striding with us in your region!


Walk Strong events feature food, fun, and friendship as we celebrate the power of community and walk for progress.

We are halfway through the 2024 Walk Strong season and are at 61% of our goal of $500,000! We'd like to thank all of our families and communities who have walked with us this year. Your steps propel our progress!

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  • Raleigh-Durham - Saturday, November 2nd

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