Walk-Bike Cupertino advocates for pleasant and safe walkways as part of our mission to make walking and biking safer and better here in Cupertino. As part of an active lifestyle, many of our subscribers like to walk their dogs, and may even like to have them off-leash when appropriate. Fun fact: There are 11680+ dogs in Cupertino!
Dog Lover? Here's a survey for you

The City of Cupertino is doing a survey to gauge interest in having a 6-month trial of off-leash hours for dogs at Jollyman Park on Stelling Road. The trial is asking for a two hour window towards the end of the day for residents to exercise their dogs. We encourage you to weigh in on this issue by taking the survey by clicking on the button below.
If you'd like to join the Jollyman Dog Owners Group, please click on this link.
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