A new trend in cultural tourism has emerged over the past decade. While there is a market for the poolside, sunshiny vacation, more and more people are planning their next vacation based upon the cultural offerings of their desired location.

Cultural Enrichment Travel finds tourists seeking out diverse experiences where they can be fully immersed and leave educated, and inspired.

With a global shift to distracted daily experiences due to technology and the demands of modern life, pure escapism is no longer the desired outcome of leisure time, but deep, impassioned connection and education. People all over the world are travelling to seek connection and enrichment at home and in far away places.

British Columbia is uniquely representative of every kind of culturally enriching experience one could hope for. Thousands of years of indigenous cultural influence, preserved heritage sites, a diverse and vibrant arts community, unique places to stay, wine country, and world renowned dining experiences all surrounded by the uncanny beauty of the rugged and largely untouched Coast and Mountains.

Studies commissioned by a variety of culturally invested groups including museums, heritage and tourism organizations, as well as universities and governments indicate that cultural tourism will dominate over the next two decades and have a significant impact on cultural producers providing increased economic viability and mandated support for the creative sector.

Contrary to circulating rumors in the instagram age, print media has not begun a decline. Rather, print media is striking a new resurgence as a refined and targeted resource in specialized fields.

Research conducted by the Columbia Journalism Reviewand referred to by TOTA in a recent newsletter , print is emerging as a "new media" - in the age of the intangible, technological interface, the physicality and beauty of print media is more attractive than ever.

Like many of our counterparts across the province, we're encouraging our partners who are already participating in the online guide to breach the proverbial gap and put themselves in the hands of their target audience by ensuring placement in the printed guide.

Importantly, the printed guide is used by people exploring the cultural experiences BC has to offer for up to 5 years.

"Keeping a copy [of the guide] in my glove box has allowed me to visit some incredible, off the beaten path studios and heritage sites as I travel..."

Says one user of BC's Guide to Arts and Culture.

Every partner in the printed guide can be sure that they are a vital part of the curated and enriching cultural experience of their community.
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Cultural Enrichment @ Haida House

"Off the coast of British Columbia lies the remote archipelago known as Haida Gwaii. For centuries, this land has remained untouched, respected and honoured by the Haida People. From the towering totem poles that line the coast to the calm rivers and dense, sprawling forests, you can feel the long-enduring spirit of the Haida People on this island."

A getaway at the Haida House is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the ancient forests and coastal region of the Haida Gwaii with the cultural relevance of a people who have inhabited the land for milenia.

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Letter from the Publisher

Sipping my coffee on Valentines Day I was arrested by the staggering beauty of the Sooke sunrise. Two weeks ago, Chester and I spent four nights at the unforgettable Sooke Harbour House. In the quiet of the morning, watching the sun come up over the harbour I was inspired to open my eyes to the majesty of the moment. I felt no desire to take out my phone and snap a photo, or check my itinerary for the day.

Steeped in island time, I wanted to move slowly and intentionally, noticing the rhythm of the place. After a charming breakfast at the Inn, we embarked on our day with a vision to experience the community through new eyes. After a walk along Whiffen Spit right by Sooke Harbour House, we visited near by Barking Dog Studio and the South Shore Art Gallery in town. Along the road west towards Port Renfrew we dropped into Foggy Mountain Forge, Tugwell Creek Meadery followed by a culinary treat…lunch at Point No Point Restaurant.

No matter how many times we visit this same spot, Chester and I are always inspired by the depth of the cultural richness that can be experienced each and every time.