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STEAM Education at JCS 

Here at JCS, we are blessed to have Ms. Dutcher integrating the arts and STEAM into our classrooms. Read her thoughts on STEAM education below and why we value it so heavily here at JCS: 

As our world becomes increasingly complex and technology-driven, the importance of STEAM education cannot be overstated. STEAM education combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to create a comprehensive approach to learning that prepares students for the future. But why is STEAM education so important for those with learning differences?...

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Summer Camp!

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Division Highlights

Lower School

Lower School students embark on exciting field trips this time of year! 🌟 This month, 5th graders had a blast exploring the adrenaline-pumping world of the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

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Middle School

Middle schoolers dove into hands-on learning experiences this month! ✨ In social studies class, students celebrated Lunar New Year by crafting meaningful artifacts, immersing themselves in cultural exploration.

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Upper School

Our seniors embraced culinary creativity this month! 🎉 From crafting mini-king cakes to honing their kitchen skills, they celebrated Mardi Gras with delicious delights and valuable learning experiences.

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