Dr. Eike Kluge is a professor of philosophy at the University of Victoria. He is the first expert witness in medical ethics recognized by Canadian courts.

Matt Paneitz, Executive Director of Long Way Home, discusses green buildings, educational methods, and community development strategies.
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SCIENCE File:Homosexualitytherapy.jpg
Conversion “Therapy”: Canada Should Ban an Immoral Non-Scientific Practice
Scott Douglas Jacobsen

LGBT folks should not be subjected to religiously informed conversion therapy.

Religious Discrimination in Hiring?
Seanna Watson

An interview with an anonymous atheist who lost an employment opportunity because of their lack of religious belief.

Atheists Falling Through the Cracks
Doug Skeggs

Canada should include non-belief on its list of eligible refugee claims.

Keith’s Conundrums: What Is a Boundary?
Keith Douglas

Answers for last month. This month: At what point were you no longer part of your mother?


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