Author Evelyn Forget explores ideas about UBI in the wake of the pandemic. Can a basic income help build resilience so that families and businesses are better prepared the next time we face an economic shock?

Greg Caruso, co-director of the Justice Without Retribution Network, presents arguments against retributivism, and explores non-retributive alternatives.

RESCHEDULED: Dr. Eike Kluge is a professor of philosophy at the University of Victoria. He is the first expert witness in medical ethics recognized by Canadian courts.

Matt Paneitz, Executive Director of Long Way Home, discusses green buildings, educational methods, and community development strategies.
CFIC is committed to asking difficult questions, which can include talks on controversial subjects. Hosting a speaker does not imply agreement with their views.

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Happy Birthday, Charles
Doug Skeggs

A celebration of the life of one of our most important scientists.

COVID-19 Vaccine – Not If, But When
Zack Dumont

A pharmacist takes a look at some of the common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

M87 Central Galactic Black Hole Halo Photographed with Event Horizon Telescope
Scott Douglas Jacobsen

In 2019, scientists produced our first images of a black hole, from the galaxy M87.

Dear CFIC and All the Donors

Omer recounts his experiences over the past year as a refugee in Nepal.

Supreme Court Holds Catholic Church Responsible for Mount Cashel Abuse
Leslie Rosenblood

The Catholic Church has failed in its appeal to avoid liability for abuse by priests.

Atheist Refugees Need Your Help

Please consider signing a petition asking the Canadian House of Commons to support atheists being persecuted abroad.

End-of-Life Choice: What’s Religion Got to Do With It?
Sandra Dunham

The Government of Canada has prioritized the rights of a religious group over the rights of secular Canadians seeking the end of life on their own terms.

Keith’s Conundrums: What Is the Purpose of Our Organs?
Keith Douglas

If evolution has no purpose, and our organs developed according to evolution, what’s the purpose of our organs?


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