Bad Science Watch's Ryan Armstrong explains how consumer health products and services are regulated in Canada, and what the public can do.

Dr. Eike Kluge is a professor of philosophy at the University of Victoria. He is the first expert witness in medical ethics recognized by Canadian courts.

In recognition of International Human Rights Day, CFIC presents our second annual discussion, with, by, and about blasphemers.
Winter Solstice Magic — December 20

CFIC’s (Virtual) Winter Solstice Magic Show features live interactive magic with James Alan.

Journalist and science writer Kavin Senapathy sheds light on the age-old alarmism over vaccines, including what social justice has to do with risk perception.
Secularism in Canada — January 28

Leslie Rosenblood (CFIC Treasurer and Secularism Chair) will discuss secularism in Canada: What it is, what it isn't, and why it's the means to maximal freedom for all.

The CFIC virtual conference will be held in the spring of 2021. We welcome volunteers! For more information, please email Conference Chair, Seanna Watson.
Missed an Event? Check Online!
CFIC has been adding recordings of our events staged during the past several months to our national YouTube channel.
CFIC is committed to asking difficult questions, which can include talks on controversial subjects. Hosting a speaker does not imply agreement with their views.
How Human Behaviour is Driving the COVID-19 Case Numbers
Sandra Dunham

Why cant people just do the right thing? Dont people realize that their behaviour is making the pandemic worse? Why, when the science is clear, are case numbers going up?

Bill 21 on Trial in Quebec
Leslie Rosenblood

The Quebec Superior Court has begun hearing arguments for and against the constitutionality of Bill 21, which forbids the wearing of religious symbols for many civil servants.

Iran Executes Navid Afkari
Scott Douglas Jacobsen

“Travesty of justice.” In the culmination of human rights violations, Iran executes wrestler Navid Afkari.

Canadian Secular Alliance Submission to the Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression
Leslie Rosenblood

Canadian Secular Alliance submission to the Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression: People deserve protection from harm; ideas do not.

Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar: The Indian James Randi
John Varghese

In August 2013, a life similar to James Randi’s — of struggle against irrationality, superstition, and exploitation of the credulous — ended when Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar was shot to death in India.

Operation Christmas Child: Thinking Critically About the Gift Boxes
Sandra Dunham

This program, run by evangelical charity Samaritans Purse, is an obvious ploy to purchase religious conversion to Christianity.

In Memoriam: Judith Jarvis Thompson
Mark Maharaj

The philosopher Judith Jarvis Thompson died on November 20, 2020, at the age of 91.

Send Us All the Scams!
Sandra Dunham

CFIC's annual Scammie Awards call out fake news, bad science, and illogical thought processes. Each year we ask you, our readers, to identify the scams you've encountered, and submit nominations by email to

Keith's Conundrums: What Constitutes a Burger?
Keith Douglas

Consider a burger: hamburger vs. veggie burger vs. turkey burger. Is there an essential property of burgers?

  • World AIDS Day, December 1 — which also launches the start of Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week in Canada — is a time for reflection.
  • December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women.
  • December 10 is Human Rights Day.
  • December 13 is National Cocoa Day.
  • December 15 is Cat Herders Day.
  • For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the 2020 Winter Solstice occurs on December 21.
  • December 28 is National Chocolate Candy Day.

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