Omer continues to regain his health, and has also received a COVID vaccination.

The CFIC Cost of Religion report series has captured the attention of Canadians. CFIC has been featured in Canada's media frequently as a result.

E-petition 3114 — asking the Minister of Immigration to include atheists in Canada’s Less Complex Claims policy — has been raised in the House of Commons. The Minister has until August 5 to respond. SCS and CFIC are counting down.

CFIC is looking for a volunteer to fill the role of Toronto Branch Manager.

CFIC has been adding recordings of our events to our national YouTube channel.

Our newest additions:

CFIC is committed to asking difficult questions, which can include talks on controversial subjects. Hosting a speaker does not imply agreement with their views.
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Faith Over Facts Threatens Extending the Pandemic
Sandra Dunham & Leslie Rosenblood

Denial fuels the spread of COVID-19 and its darkest outcomes.

Making Amends to the Indigenous Community
Russell Pangborn

Encouraging Canadians to make amends to First Nations by supporting their causes.

Thinking About Sponsoring a Refugee?
Brent Loubert

How to build a team to support and sponsor a refugee in need.

Keith’s Conundrums
Keith Douglas

Answers from last month. Plus, examining a crime perpetrated along a border.

Book Review: The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef
Diane Bruce

Feeling reasonable, being smart and knowledgeable, being aware of motivated reasoning —- all these things seem like they should be indicators of a scout mindset, yet they surprisingly have little to do with it.”

  • August is Immunization Awareness Month.
  • August 1 is Emancipation Day.
  • On August 2, 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to U.S. President Roosevelt about the potential of nuclear weapons.
  • August 8 is International Cat Day.
  • On August 18, 1868, Jules Janssen discovered helium.
  • August 30 is Frankenstein Day.
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