Join CFIC for our Celebrating Reason conference. Confirmed speakers and topics include:
  • Andy Thompson: Psychology of Religion    
  • Michael Wong: Science and Star Trek
Check out our webpage for more information and updates.
The contest this year has been expanded to two age categories (age on May 21, 2021):
  • Junior: 17 and under    
  • Senior: 18 to 25
Entrants can be anyone enrolled in a Canadian educational institution, as well as Canadian citizens studying abroad. More details here.
CFIC has been adding recordings of our events to our national YouTube channel.

Our newest additions include:

CFIC is committed to asking difficult questions, which can include talks on controversial subjects. Hosting a speaker does not imply agreement with their views.
COVID-19 by the Numbers
Seanna Watson

It has been over a year since the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. March 11, 2020, seems like a lifetime ago.

conversion therapy protest
Inversion Therapy: To Be or Not to Be That Which One Condemns
Scott Douglas Jacobsen

A twist of irony finds a former leader of conversion therapy coming out.

Cost of Religion
Sandra Dunham

In Canada, advancing religion is considered a charitable cause. CFIC's new Cost of Religion report is coming soon.

Fighting Misinformation
Sandra Dunham

Reviewing essential fact-checking resources in the battle against bogus claims.

Keith’s Conundrums: Grounding Truth
Keith Douglas

Answers for last month. This month: An examination of what makes a claim true.

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