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Early Term Reminders
Looking for Scholarships?
Click here to access a list of scholarships or contact your Alumni Advisor to receive a scholarship list personalized for you.

Consider Taking Summer Classes
Taking summer courses at a community college allows you to get pre-requisites out of the way at a minimal cost in order to take upper-division classes at a faster rate. Use to check out which classes transfer to your university.

Know Your University and Academic Calendar
Each university posts important dates and deadlines such as: Course Drop/Withdraw, Force Adds, Housing Contract Cancellation Date, Spring Break Dates and Final Exam Dates. It’s imperative to note this information so that you can properly plan your semester.

Use Your University Resources
  • Don’t wait to access university and department resources. 
  • If you need tutoring sign-up early.
  • Be sure to attend workshops sponsored by your institution's learning center.
  • Mark your calendar for spring career and internship fairs.
  • Join a club or organization: research shows engaged students are more successful in college!

Call to Alumni to Share their Experiences with Sophomore Students
Cristo Rey is piloting a College Knowledge class for Sophomore students every last Tuesday of the month for the rest of Spring 2020. If you would like to give back to Cristo Rey and share your college experiences with Sophomore students please contact your alumni advisor. The classes are scheduled from 3pm-4pm on February 24th, March 31st, April 28th, and May 26th.
Don't Forget to Create your Profile!
The Cristo Rey Network national office, based in Chicago, is embarking on the movement’s  first National Alumni Association   to connect, engage, and mobilize over 18,000 alumni nationwide . They've launched an online portal, where Cristo Rey graduates will have the opportunity to:
-Access career development and job placement opportunities at Corporate Partners
-Build community at regional events, and
-Engage in peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities.
You can create your profile on the portal at .  If you have questions, please contact Alyse Faour at  .
We hope you take part in this exciting initiative!

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