Crisis & Fellowship

"The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them"
Isaiah 11:6
Merry Christmas to you all!

May the gracious Lord bring you peace individually and as a group of family members! We are also faithfully praying for peace and justice for the civilians of Myanmar, as only God can accomplish in an amazing way. We fully trust in Him and worship Him alone. This is reflected in Isaiah 11:1-16.
Since October 27, massive attacks have been launched by the civilian armed forces that have spread across the country. Thousands of innocent civilians have been forced to leave their homes and properties once again. Most of the main roads have been blocked, and the land is filled with cries for help in the face of adversity and uncertainty. A large gathering for any resident program has been prohibited. This political crisis is having a profound impact on the church and its activities, particularly in regions where the majority are tribal people and Christians. Your prayers at a higher level are essential and greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you so much for your love, prayer support, and friendship, which enabled us to make a trip to the Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The place was amazing, and the services at the resort, including the food and facilities, were excellent. The things I enjoyed the most were worshiping the Lord in our own languages, meeting friends, hearing testimonies, and listening to the sermons on discipleship relationships from the book of Joshua. As a leader, the Five Best Practices technique of leadership development has been particularly useful for me. I highly admire the leaders of all kinds of activities.
A pastor shares his experience from the CCI Global Conference
"I praise the Lord and am so grateful to Him for giving me the great opportunity to attend the CCI Global Conference. This is my first experience with a CCI Global Conference, and I would like to thank the National Director.

I am serving the Lord as a local missionary among strong Buddhist brethren since 2003 in south central Myanmar. I have been with CCI-Myanmar for over five years and lead one class in my church. I am greatly blessed and enriched by the materials and students as well. However, the teaching of Dr. David on discipleship relationships from the book of Joshua has touched and challenged me deeply. It has changed my focus and thinking regarding making disciples. I have primarily focused on the growth of my own church, but now, I have decided to have more classes beyond my own church for the advancement of the gospel. I have also realized the significance of equipping every believer to grow in the Lord daily.

I perceived the conference as incredibly powerful and highly effective. I would love to attend again in the future. I highly recommend the conference as it was truly excellent. Thank you, and may God bless CCI."
Thank you very much for your love, faithful prayers and financial support.

CCI Myanmar National Director
Staff Update
Pastor B met with two church planters who showed interest in the ministry. Pastor B's teaching at his church is successful. He and his family, as well as the five students they adopted, are doing well. The students are currently taking their mid-term exams. However, due to military blockades, visiting for family and ministry matters has become difficult. Prayers for wisdom are appreciated.

The National Director made sure to follow up with previous participants and scheduled a training class for December. He had the opportunity to promote the ministry to pastors and local church planters in south central Myanmar, reaching over 25 individuals or groups. The majority of them have successfully completed the workshop.

Pastor T visited a church to discuss the ministry with its leaders. They are currently searching for a suitable time to conduct a workshop. Additionally, Pastors T and Pastor Y remain in dangerous areas where the intensity of fighting has recently escalated.

Pastor M visited nearby classes, but their studies are affected by junta distractions. Pastor M and his family are fine, but their area is unsafe due to ongoing fighting. People have been evacuating to safer places for the past two weeks. The situation is dire, and we pray for miraculous provisions.

Pastor Z's church class is thriving, and his family is also doing well. However, they are currently restricted from leaving their town.
Testimony From a Student
"I have been pastoring since 2007, and I enjoy being a pastor. To upgrade my pastoral work, I attended one of the CCI-Myanmar workshops in my town. I was really interested in the materials, so I asked the National Director to lead a Bible study with me using the CCI materials one-on-one. After six months, we started the study, and now we are in Book #4: Preaching Biblical Messages & Pastoral Ministry. I have learned a lot about the seriousness of preparing sermons as a pastor and realized how bad I am at it. I began to regret the past years of ministry. I have learned that all pastors should use this material to become more effective in pastoral ministry. Thank you, CCI, and the CCI Myanmar National Director."
Prayer Requests & Praises

Praise points:

o   Praise to God that three of us from Myanmar were able to attend the CCI Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

o   To be able to recruit some pastors and church leaders for more clarification of what CCI is doing in discipleship relationship.

o   Thanks to the Lord for protection and provision.

Prayer points:

o  Please continue to pray for the people of Myanmar who are under attack by the military junta and are in need of security and assistance.

o  Pray for the classes; that God will continue to encourage them to be faithful in studying His Word and put into practice what they learn.

o  Pray that God will open doors for more workshops and other ministry opportunities.

o  Pray also for Bibles.

o  The devaluation of our support is drastically affecting our family’s food budget. We are asking the Lord to provide an increase of $250.00 per month to meet these basic needs. Please consider making a new monthly commitment today to help meet this need. We thank you in advance for your help. Click HERE.