Individuals and Businesses who join between July 1 and Dec 31, 2018 will have Charter Member status. to keep this status, memberships must be maintained annually. Memberships start at $35 and all funding goes to promoting the arts in the Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District!

The Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District (CAED) Project serves to support and promote the artists, writers, actors, musicians, and businesses of the State designated Crisfield Arts & Entertainment (A & E) District.

The CAED Project will spend all funds on the promotion of the Crisfield A & E unless staffing is required. Staffing is paid through 2020 by the Circuit Rider Grant from the Department of Housing and Community Development, so all contributions will be used for promoting the A & E.

Thank you to the CAED members for supporting the Arts in Crisfield!

Charter Members
Mindie Burgoyne, Travel Hag Tours
Bill Butrill
Paula Canby
Kathy Crockett
Shawn Day & Family
George & Myra Friedley
Bill & Kathy Green
Carol Heck & Bruce Stasi
Barb & Dan Kuebler
Jennifer & Rusty Merritt
Frances Martinez Myers
Terry & Connie Pehan
Jim & Carolyn Neal
Claire Otterbein
Cheryl & John M. Pullen
Linda & Phil Riggin
Stevie Ritchey & Family
Caroline Walls
Pat Valdata & Bob Schreiber
Adam & Betsy Thompson

Charter Sponsors
American Legion #16
Crisfield Chamber of Commerce
Crisfield Elks Lodge #1044
Somerset County Commissioners
Suds & Duds

Thank you to all the artists, businesses, sponsored and bidders who participated in this event to raise $9,400 for marketing the Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District!

Chair pictured sponsored by Jim & Carolyn Neal and painted by artist Robin Daniels.

To submit additions about Arts and Entertainment events in the proposed District to this newsletter, or to be added to the mailing list, please email