Issue #4

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The CrimeStoppers annual Night At The Theatre fundraising event returns on June 21, 2024 with a performance of Catch Me If You Can, the high-flying story of a young con artist almost always a step ahead of authorities.

It's the perfect musical caper friends and supporters of CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County won't want to mis. Reception, dinner and drinks begin at 6 and the show at 8 at the main stage of Playhouse On The Square, 66 South Cooper Street. Cost of a ticket is $75.

Get your tickets early.

And, send a police officer and guest to the show.

This is the three-way good cause of the season – simply by helping CrimeStoppers, supporting the nonprofit theatre company, and our heroes in blue.

It’s easy to get your tickets by ordering online here.

All proceeds go toward cash awards to citizens whose tips help charge or capture felons - just like in the story below. 

Bystander killed when two

men square off in the street

It was a gunfight.

Two men confronted each other near the intersection of Scott Street and Yale Avenue in the Binghamton neighborhood on February 22, 2024. One flashed a handgun. The other exited a white SUV carrying a rifle. In the middle of street, the two men began firing at each other.

Several shots later, the two fled going north and south, but bystander Adrian Goodrich was lying face down on the ground, a bullet wound in his head.

Memphis police and fire personnel arrived. Goodrich was pronounced dead. Other bystanders disappeared. 

But the next day a call came to CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH. The caller identified the two men who exchanged gunfire as Eric Wilkerson, a sanitation worker, and Harold (Lil Harold) Harris.

Both men soon were in custody. Wilkerson turned himself in and admitted to his role in the shooting. Harris was arrested but refused to talk. Harris is charged with reckless homicide and being a convicted felon in possession of a gun; Wilkerson with aggravated assault resulting in death.

The case was one of three homicide cases solved in March thanks to CrimeStoppers.

Paid to the tipster who called in the identify of the suspected shooters: $4,000.

Donations of any size are welcome. Checks made out to CrimeStoppers may be sent to our offices at 600 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 451, Memphis, 38105, or visit our website to make a secure donation now.
CrimeStoppers by the numbers

Twenty cases were presented to the CrimeStoppers Citizen Awards Committee April 1 from tips received in March. The cases resulted in cash awards totaling $15,700.

Tips led to 24 felony arrests and helped clear 11 felony cases in police records, with $12,348 in property recovered for victims. So far this year, $240,448 in property has been recovered thanks to 56 CrimeStoppers tips. 

And counting.

To review all the tips data for the year, visit this page on our main website:

Cold cases site helps detectives

A new website provides information on numerous cold-case homicides.

A Cold Case is an unsolved felony crime awaiting the discovery of new evidence. It is a case that was suspended after the initial investigation for lack of leads but remains an open file.

It is a case that sometimes may require a new set of investigative eyes, and the aid of the public.

It is CrimeStoppers’ strong belief that in every crime someone knows something — it could be a seemingly small detail — that could be enough to lead to a solution — and justice for the victim and the victim’s family.

CrimeStoppers here offers a series of Cold Case files for public consideration. To provide a tip call or test CrimeStoppers: 528-CASH (2274).
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