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This month’s Creative Connector newsletter honors my mother, Dorothy Schwartz, truly the wind beneath my wings who I miss each and every day, she passed away on September 26, 2015.

Everything I learned about relationship selling I learned from my mother and father. Read more, here.

I also want to honor my Sister, Cyndee Goldstein; mother-in-law (Mom 2), Doris Griffin; sisters-in-law, Joy Martinez and Annette Griffin and my nieces who are mothers, Courtney Lewis and Shelby Siegel.


To all the dear friends and colleagues Jim and I have had the pleasure to know over the years you are so special to us. I know you feel the same way with those in your life on this upcoming Mother’s Day.


As you read this newsletter, think about who you’ve touched, how they have touched you within your own families, friendships and organizations.


There are many women and men who have had such an impact on me throughout my life. As a result, one of the cornerstones of my company is to pay it forward and help for-profit and non-profit organizations build more meaningful and significant relationships that lead to business generation and sustaining strategic partnerships.

Saluting the Bettie Brand Mother's Empowerment Fund!

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The Bettie Brand Mother’s Empowerment Fund began in 2009 founded by daughter, Candace Brand Kaspers (former Chair of the Atlanta YWCA Board of Directors) and son, Jeffrey Brand, to honor their mother and ALL other mothers and special others who contribute so much to their families and communities.

The purpose of the fund and organization is to, “Provide women in need with a hand up, not a handout, so they may live with dignity and independence." 

Every year, the Fund provides stipends of up to $10,000 to amazing women, each of who agrees to “pay it forward” whenever and however she is able.


We have an opportunity to honor Bettie Brand and other mothers everywhere just before Mother’s Day, Wednesday, May 4th from 5:30-6:30 pm a “Virtual Cooking Event” – “The Secret Life of Vegetables Flavorful Affair” - with Chef Lamont Rooker to learn how to prepare mouthwatering dishes for the people you love.

Please join me, our board and all current and prospective donor attendees from the last 14 years and, view the event virtually and make a $50 donation today. We greatly appreciate it.

You’ll receive the video link and recipe cards.

See below for more details and to click on the button to donate –

The Bettie Brand website -

This means a great deal to me, to our organization, and the women and families we serve.

For those not able to join the event, each donor has the opportunity to make a donation to support this cause. Beyond this event, a donation is always welcome to support our mission and the constituents we serve


Pictured above from left to right: (1) Deborah Schwartz Griffin, Executive Vice President of the Business Community Network and Founder of Creative Connector,

(2) Carolyn (Lyn) Turknett, Co-founder & Co-chairman of Turknet Leadership Group

(3) Milton J. Little, Jr., President & CEO of United Way of Greater Atlanta

Creative Connector is a strategic business development and sales organization, that builds partnerships and alliances, and community-engagement opportunities with a mission and tagline of “Connecting People to People and Ideas to Results".

Here are the Creative Connector's Keys to Success:

  1. Be engaged with your current and/or prospective client, be an active listener.
  2. Do your homework by doing research about the client's business. 
  3. Understand and ask questions to learn more.
  4. Have compassion and empathy.
  5. Be authentic – Give back to the Community, Stakeholders, Associates, Fellow Leaders.
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Watch this Video Testimonial from Sachiyo Nakato Takahara, and her experience with Creative Connector:

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Generating success for your business through Creative Connector as your Connector Rainmaker Dealmaker: 

  • Connector – Strategic Business Development
  • Rainmaker – Strategic Selling
  • DealMaker – Measurable ROI
  • Proven Process – Suspect-Prospect-Opportunity-Client
  • Results Driven – Build Holistic Sustaining Partnerships & Alliances

Creative Connector helps you grow and sustain your business through a strategic and tactical game plan focused on one play at a time. 

Going from a prospect to opportunity to close, gaining a new client and/or strategic partner that is sustainable and recurring through understanding how to...

  • Building your Personal and Professional Brand within the Atlanta business, civic, and philanthropic communities


  • Creating an action plan that focuses on your value proposition, ideal clients, best referral partners and your “call to action.”


  • Laser focus on helping you generate a “ROI” through Strategic Business Development and Sales.


  • Creating and Implementing new Partnerships and Alliances for warm referrals that lead to ROI.


  • Sharing best practices and industry insights to help you work more efficiently “on” your business rather than “in” your business.

We will accomplish great things together over the course of a year, six month, three or monthly depending upon your strategic and tactical goals.

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Pictured from left to right are Craig Lucie, CEO of Lucie Content, Mrs. Takahara, Sachiyo Nakato Takahara, Owner of Nakato Japanese Restaurant, Deborah Schwartz Griffin,  Executive Vice President of the Business Community Network and Founder of Creative Connector, and George Marchalek, COO of Lucie Content.

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