Blessings Dearest Carole,

I recently submitted my written chapter for another amazing anthology and the title of the new book is "How to Wake Up Your Divine Essence and Create Sacred Space".

As I was writing this chapter I realized how important 'Ceremony' is and to make it a big part of our lives. It's a wonderful way to be present, mindful and intentional all leading us to our truest versions of ourselves. Ceremony is helpful in moving us away from the 'outwardness' to the 'inwardness'.

Ceremony is the bridge between these 2 worlds - macrocosm and microcosm. It is the vehicle to which we work with the invisible and visible worlds. In the experience of a ceremony you actually awaken your divinity and create your sacred space.

As I allow myself to become mush in the pupa stage many images are coming forward in the wisdom of ceremonies that I will be sharing in my newest container "Thunder Bird Spirit Medicine - Shamanic Practitioner Mentorship".

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Our beautiful little hummingbird sits in the direction of the North. She brings us many teachings in the form of medicine. As I reflect on my path the one I walked and the one I'm currently choosing I am reminded of her medicine. Perhaps you can relate?

She teaches us FAITH!

Today as I write this, I'll be honest it makes me weary to always have Faith. There are days I just want to crawl back into bed and not take the next step. YES I'm human too!

I carry much sadness in my heart. Perhaps I'm tapping into the collective there is so much GRIEF in the world. When you let yourself FEEL it all it is overwhelming. But my personal sadness is teaching me something about FAITH today. It is part of the resilience that ALL will be well, that ALL will come to pass, and that ALL that I seek will find me. We can understand this intellectually, but it's a whole other matter 'innerstanding' it.

When we reach for our desires and our dreams there maybe others who do not share the same vision as you do. In close relationships this shows up as compromise or putting your dreams on the shelf. It is a hard one to swallow for one who is so passionate about co-creating.

And yet there it is!

If you let it, it can become the biggest elephant in the room.

And then the little winged one...the hummingbird comes fluttering in showing us to not stop and drink at the shit pile (aka big elephant), to only stop and drink from the sweetness of life.

🪷Honor and recognize each path

🪷Make space for each others heart's desires

🪷Re-evaluate the truest importance

🪷Feel for alignment

🪷Trust in the lesson

🪷Lean into your FAITH

🪷Know like you 'know' that ALL is EXACTLY as it IS

🪷The PATH will clear

🪷You will be shown the way at the exact right time

🪷Allow yourself the time, the feels of sadness & grief

Our hummingbird also brings us the medicine of our Ancestors those who have walked many paths before us and after us. They are always here to support us and show us the way.

Have FAITH in their WISDOM!


Loving you all, always,