Reflecting on our successes and challenges is indeed an important practice when it comes to personal growth and achieving success. It can be particularly valuable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching weight management goals. Here's how reflecting on successes and challenges can help identify what worked and what didn't:

  1. Identifying what worked: By reflecting on your successes, you can gain insights into the strategies, behaviors, and choices that led to positive outcomes. It allows you to understand what actions were effective in your weight loss journey. For example, you may discover that tracking your food intake, engaging in regular exercise, or seeking support from others were key factors in your success. Recognizing these effective approaches can help you continue doing them in the future.
  2. Understanding what didn't work: Reflecting on challenges provides an opportunity to analyze the factors that hindered progress or led to setbacks. It helps you recognize the behaviors or strategies that were less effective or unsustainable. For instance, you may realize that skipping meals, relying on fad diets, or struggling with emotional eating were obstacles to achieving your weight goals. This understanding allows you to make adjustments and find alternative approaches that are more likely to lead to success.
  3. Decision-making for the future: Armed with the knowledge gained from reflecting on successes and challenges, you can make informed decisions about what to continue doing and what to change. You can build upon the strategies that have proven effective, making them a consistent part of your lifestyle. Additionally, you can modify or replace the approaches that didn't work well, finding alternative methods that align with your preferences and are more sustainable in the long run.

By using this knowledge to guide your actions, you increase your chances of continued success and growth on your weight management journey. Regular reflection and evaluation can help you stay motivated, maintain healthy habits, and adapt your approach as needed to achieve your goals.

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A letter from Deb Wright

Weight Watchers of Philadelphia

General Manager

Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

I know I didn’t get to be 94 pounds over a healthy goal weight because I didn’t like food. I LOVE food!


Despite loving food, there was a time in my weight loss when I believed I had to give up or abstain from certain foods to get to goal. I was at a very successful halfway point in my weight loss when my Coach (then called Leader) asked me “How had I achieved my consistent weight loss?”


I answered rather smugly and said, “I’m not eating any red meat, only chicken and tuna.” Now this was long before any ZeroPoint foods had entered anyone’s imagination, but chicken and tuna were still the lowest counts on the plan at that time. I ate so much chicken I was probably developing pin feathers.


My Coach said this in response, “Do you think you can do that for the rest of your life?”


Boy, that hit me like a brick. I love red meat and I had no intention of giving it up for life. My next mission was learning to fit foods into the plan I wanted to eat.


Since then, one of my go-to restaurant favorites is a filet mignon (beef tenderloin). The smaller cut on the menu is usually stated as 4-6 ounces depending upon the restaurant. Here’s the information you need to know, the menu’s stated weight is raw weight. The cooked weight will be about 75 percent of that number. A four-ounce steak is 3 ounces cooked; a 6-ounce steak is 4.5 ounces cooked. Accompanied by some veggies, this can make a crave-able meal that doesn’t disappoint. My go-to appetizer which usually has lower Points than a salad with dressing is a shrimp cocktail. There’s even room to enjoy a shareable desert.


My lesson was, if I want pink elephants and I tell myself I cannot have pink elephants, the only thing I think of is pink elephants. Learning to enjoy the foods I WANT in proper portions is the true clue to real weight loss and maintenance.


PEOPLE!!! Planning pizza and a glass of wine with a friend IS on the program.


Other Members always have great ideas about working foods into the plan that help them stay on track with their weight loss and maintenance. Don’t miss out on this week’s workshops and hear more about this subject.


Remember to practice kindness to yourself and others,

Deb Wright,

GM Weight Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc

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Creating Guidelines for Successful Eating Habits

When it comes to eating, there are several reasons why we often deviate from our intended actions or goals. These reasons can include emotional eating, social influences, cravings, lack of planning, and unhealthy habits. To help members create guidelines ahead of time and stay on track with their eating goals, here's a four-step process using the "if/then" technique:

1/ Identify common eating situations that may hinder progress: Begin by identifying specific situations or triggers that often lead to unhealthy eating choices or behaviors. These could be situations such as eating out at restaurants, attending social gatherings, feeling stressed or bored, or encountering tempting food environments.

2/ Define "if/then" guidelines for each situation: For each identified eating situation, create an "if/then" guideline that outlines how you will act when faced with that situation. The guideline should clearly state the action you will take to align with your eating goals.


  • If I'm eating out at a restaurant, then I will review the menu beforehand and choose a healthier option or ask for modifications to make the dish healthier.
  • If I feel stressed or bored, then I will engage in a non-food related activity like going for a walk, practicing deep breathing exercises, or calling a friend for support instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks.

3/ Anticipate potential obstacles: Consider potential obstacles that may arise in implementing the guidelines. These obstacles can include peer pressure, cravings, lack of time for meal preparation, or emotional triggers. Anticipating these challenges allows you to plan ahead and develop strategies to overcome them.

4/ Review and revise regularly: Regularly review your guidelines and assess their effectiveness. Adjust them as needed based on your progress and any new challenges that may arise. Stay flexible and open to refining your guidelines to ensure they remain practical and sustainable for your specific circumstances.

By creating "if/then" guidelines ahead of time, you provide yourself with a structured approach to navigate common eating situations that may hinder your progress. This technique helps you avoid decision fatigue and impulsive choices by predefining your actions. It empowers you to make healthier and more conscious choices, ultimately supporting your overall eating goals and progress.

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