Surviving the Apocalypse
How to Create an Ark for the Future

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Create an Ark for the Future

   Are you in despair about what you read and hear on the news today? Do you wonder what you can do to help the world heal? Do you believe that we are in apocalyptic times or that we are approaching the 'war of all against all'? Do you wonder why a loving creator could take us this far on our journey as humans to have us come to such a cataclysmic ending?

      Are there great master beings coming to save us? Is the rapture coming soon? Am I one of the chosen ones who will survive? Is there a way through the apocalypse of modern times?

    Indeed, it seems like the world is more wicked than ever before in history, and we are more powerless than ever to unshackle the chains of economic, geopolitical, and religious slavery that were put on humanity many centuries ago.

   But what if the purpose of the human journey is to awaken higher consciousness in each one of us? What if apocalyptic stories, which have always been in our cultural myths and religious stories since the beginning of time, serve a greater purpose in creating unending personal fear and terror to the point that we feel hopeless and helpless, full of despair, and incapable of fully understanding or solving the overwhelming problems in the world? Then, after exhausting all efforts to stay abreast of the latest shocking headline, we finally choose another way to see and be in the world. 

    We turn towards prayer and spiritual comfort. We look for answers that exist beyond the machinations that lead us here in the first place. Perhaps there is a greater purpose for apocalyptic stories since they have always been with us. Perhaps the way out is walking through the very fear and terror that end-of-days stories create in us. 

   For the time that it takes you to read this essay, the reader is asked to suspend all fear and doubt of any impending disasters that will affect him or her personally or the world as a whole. Imagine that our apocalyptic expectations act more as a mirror to our anxieties, whether personal or collective, than as actual signposts to imminent disaster and death. 

    See fear as F.E.A.R -false evidence appearing as reality- and hold a thought that maybe the intensity of apocalyptic stories and headlines today are directly related to the state of consciousness that each of us has about crossing the threshold. And that if, one by one, we start awakening to our own higher consciousness, then collectively we can find hope for any end-time scenario.

    Here is a great truth that all initiates eventually come to know when they are fully awake in spirit. Everything you see before you, in the world and in your personal life, is all for a purpose; and that purpose is to awaken you to yourself as a spiritual being (Spirit Self), the everlasting part of you that is one with the divine. Once you pass across the threshold of fear and doubt, by studying, living, and embracing a spiritual life exemplified by the Heavenly Virtues, you will be liberated from the terror and fear of apocalypse.  


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Worldwide Apparition of the Holy Mother

Caroline wrote and asked us to clarify a phenomena that she sees being reported on the internet - those of cities of light, floating cities, plasma balls, etc. in the sky.

She writes, "I know other videos have begun to surface also indicating like things.  It seems this thought of the 'cities' or 'hubs' has a like thread in many belief systems... and even   in the 'prophetic' Christian circles.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  Is this the next progression step in terms of the "ascension"   .... as in help from above and cities of refuge (on the earth) during the time of trouble?"   
Funny thing is that as she was sending this question to us, we were sending out an article to our GBG friends around the net. Here is some insight on what is occurring:  

We highly recommend that spiritual aspirants research the issues facing us in our geopolitical world. The links within this article are just as important as the article as we say when playing the Glass Bead Game: 


"Enzymes are the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds."

                                       Dr.Rudolf Steiner

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