Create a Healthier Building
When people are entering and exiting buildings, they are typically required to touch some type of security hardware or trim.  This is a fragile point in a building for passing germs from one person to another.  There are excellent security hardware options available that can be offered to create a healthier, safer building environment.

There is an optional Antimicrobial finish that can be ordered on security hardware and trim to help reduce the chances of spreading germs from these surfaces. The Antimicrobial finish has been approved by the FDA and EPA, to be used on metal surfaces, and is currently available to be ordered on most security hardware products.

Antimicrobial coating is an option on current product order forms.  Antimicrobial coating can be ordered on all device and trim finishes, with the exception of 613/US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Since many of these are considered a "living" finish that changes with use, the Antimicrobial coating would affect the changes that would naturally occur, and ultimately affect the intention of that finish.

Low Energy Door Operators comply with ANSI 156.19, and a part of that standard requires a "knowing act" to activate the operator to open the door.  The most common method being used is a pushbutton switch that activates the opener.  This is another point of passing germs from person to person.  To combat this, there are also ADA compliant, touchless buttons available for use with low energy door operators.  Since this type of pad does not require touch, it is virtually germ free to the user.  These touchless buttons are currently available, and can be used in new applications, or to replace existing pushbuttons to offer germ free operator activation.
Did You Know?
Detex offers a
Touchless Infrared Activation Switch for low energy door operators. They are currently available to order for new applications, and to replace existing push button switches.

Detex offers most security hardware and trim products with an optional  Antimicrobial finish.
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