At Cranbury Comfort, we work hard to be sure you are comfortable all season long.

Prolong the Life of Your Heating System with a Fall Tune-Up

A yearly maintenance appointment with a Cranbury Comfort Systems technician can extend your equipment's life, ensure you are comfortable, save money over time, and keep your family safe.

Extend the life of your heating system.

The average lifespan of a home heating system is 15 -20 years. Yearly maintenance can extend that to 20+ years by having everything tuned up for optimal performance.

Avoid significant repair or replacement expenses.

Our professionally trained and certified technicians can catch minor issues early before they become big problems. This can save customers trouble and unexpected major expenses.

Potentially lower energy bills.

Planned maintenance with Cranbury Comfort Systems also includes lubricating, adjusting, and cleaning your heating system to keep it at peak efficiency. A regularly maintained system can lower energy bills by 5 to 10 percent.

Peace of mind.

Not having a yearly heating system inspection can be dangerous. Our technicians check each heating system's safety devices, inspect for any leaks, go over and tighten electrical connections, and more. Whether you have a heater, furnace, or heat pump, our certified heating specialists are ready to serve you. You can know that your home is safe during the home heating season.

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Humidity is especially important to consider at this time of year since once the heater goes on, constant dry air is pumped into your home.

What makes humidity so important?

  • Proper humidity is important because the lack of adequate humidity can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems.
  • It can also contribute to dehydration since one of the ways we get moisture into our bodies is through inhaling and exhaling. If the air doesn't have much moisture, our bodies are not taking in moisture through the air.
  • Dry air can also exacerbate eczema and other skin irritations. A comfortable level of humidity can help manage dry skin.
  • Dry nostrils can make one prone to nosebleeds or other sinus issues like colds and flu. The dry air can hold bacteria and viruses longer than moist air, increasing your family's chances of getting ill.

How can you regulate the humidity of your home?

The whole-house humidifier is most effective since it can pump quality air through the entire home, not just the room containing a portable unit. The whole house humidifiers installed by Cranbury Comfort work along with your home's HVAC unit, simplifying the humid air solution.

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NEW Rewards Program for Referrals!

If YOU refer us to someone and they use any of our services, we will send you a $25 reward certificate that DOES NOT expire! We appreciate you!

Supply Chain Issues

As with many other industries, the heating and cooling industry has seen some significant supply chain issues. Here at Cranbury Comfort Systems, we have been working hard to keep things moving as smoothly as possible; however, we are still seeing delays in getting the parts and equipment we need as quickly as we used to. If you're thinking about replacing your equipment, please reach out sooner rather than later so we may secure the equipment and perform your installation in a timely manner. Your family's comfort is our top priority. Please be patient with us as we work through these issues. Thanks so much. - Ginger 

Cranbury Comfort is Hiring!

Cranbury Comfort is growing. We are currently hiring an experienced HVAC Technician. We offer excellent benefits such as medical, company-paid life insurance, simple IRA with a 3% company match, vacation & and sick time, uniforms, tool replacement, and more. 

We want someone with the technical skills to be able to make repairs, as well as someone who wouldn’t mind making equipment sales and earning GREAT commissions! Not just a “throw you a bone” stuff, but some of the best commissions in the industry!!! We pay for EACH closed sale and not when you make a minimum quota.

The requirements are…must like people, be prompt and reliable, and above all, BE HONEST!!!! We pride ourselves on this last quality. Our customers deserve it. If this is you, let's talk! 

Please email your resume to -- Please spread the news!

Air Scrubber Special
The AirScrubber by Aerus provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification without the use of ozone while the HVAC system fan is running. It is a proactive and effective solution for your home or small business.

  • Uses the latest version of ActivePure Technology
  • Provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification
  • Reduces allergens and other contaminants
  • Protects your heating and cooling system from a potentially dangerous buildup

Cranbury Comfort's remarkable customer service and reliability will have you feeling cool all season long!

FREE Estimates for the replacement of both residential and commercial HVAC systems!

Up-front pricing. Hassle-free service calls.

Should You Get A Second Opinion?

Did a recent visit with a utility company or other HVAC professional leave you feeling pressured? Perhaps you were left with sticker shock for the suggested repair? Or maybe you wondered if the suggested fix was appropriate for the problem.

Cranbury Comfort is happy to lend a second set of well-trained eyes on these matters with our Second Opinion HVAC Service Technician program! This is a free program for all existing and future customers.

We believe so much in honest, quality work and service that we’ll bring it to your doorstep at zero cost. We will dispatch our experts to give you a reliable second opinion to keep you comfortable.  

Call our team at 609-655-0200 or 609-758-5600. Contact Cranbury Comfort here to get peace of mind for your HVAC questions/concerns.

With over 30 years of serving the local community, Cranbury Comfort is available to answer all your questions and develop a customized solution for your HVAC needs.

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Our HVAC system was broken and needed to be replaced since it was very, very old along with flex ducts (heat pump almost 25 years and air handler 35 years). We approached Cranbury Comfort System, and they installed the Trane HVAC system in one day. Also replaced all flex ducts. They have done a wonderful job and completed in time as scheduled. Very professional, polite, and quick responses to all our questions!! Thank you so much, Cranbury Comfort Systems!” – Aniruddha P., September 2023, Google Review

I have used Cranbury Comfort Systems for some time now but have never needed them as much as I do now. We had a flood in our house with extensive water damage, and we were left without A/C during summer’s hottest days with a daughter with asthma. Not only did Ginger act quickly, but she was responsive and kind while making sure things were ordered and rushed and then fit us into their busy schedule to get our HVAC running and our flexes all drained of water. It was a massive job, and Ryan and John (Robert, too) all worked non-stop to get us up and running again. I am forever grateful. You were there for us at this difficult time, and we can not thank you enough!” – Susan B., August 2023, Google Review

We were having issues with our AC and need a new unit fast. CCS is getting our new system installed in only a few days from when the issue was diagnosed. Ginger worked her magic and got us on the schedule quickly, and we will be cool again this weekend. Thank you, CCS, as always, for your quick service and always coming through for us. Cranbury Comfort has been our go-to since I owned my first home in East Windsor almost 30 years ago, and over the years, you have never failed to come through and keep us up and running. I truly appreciate you!” – Tom C., August 2023, Yelp Review

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