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Benefits of a Furnace Humidifier or Whole Home Humidifier

Has touching your loved ones been shocking lately? Did you get zapped the last time you touched your light switch? Is your home super dry from running the heat?

One of the things we at Cranbury Comfort Systems get many questions about is how to make the air less dry in the colder months.

Health Benefits

Installing a furnace humidifier can provide health benefits by adding moisture to the air. When the air is too dry, studies have shown that it can irritate the lungs and cause more frequent respiratory infections. Sometimes that dry air can cause chapped lips and dry skin as well. Furnace humidifiers have also been proven to reduce symptoms of asthma or allergies.

See Ya, Static

When you’ve got a furnace humidifier running, it will help to eliminate the static electricity build-up in the home. Your pets and family members will appreciate a hug without static shocks too! Static doesn’t just affect our bodies; it can also wreak havoc on home computers and other sensitive electronic devices.

Protect Your Floors and Furniture

Another benefit to a properly humidified home is protecting it from the drying or cracking of wood floors and furniture. Moisture is present in virtually everything in your home that is made from wood. When dry air is present, it causes the wood to shrink and crack. Hardwood floors can separate at the seams creating creaks and damage. Wood doors can also warp and no longer fit their frames as the moisture is drawn out.

Financial Benefits

Did you know that having the proper humidity in your home will actually save on energy costs? In the summer, warm, humid air feels hotter because of the high moisture content. The same idea applies to your home in the winter. Having a properly humidified environment will actually feel warmer and will allow you to turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees. A lower thermostat equals a lower energy bill!

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Supply Chain Issues

Like many other industries, the heating and cooling industry has seen some significant supply chain issues. Here at Cranbury Comfort Systems, we have been working hard to keep things moving as smoothly as possible; however, we are still seeing delays in getting the parts and equipment we need as quickly as we used to.

If you're thinking about replacing your equipment, please reach out sooner rather than later so we may secure the equipment and perform your installation in a timely manner. Your family's comfort is our top priority. Please be patient with us as we work through these issues. Thanks so much. - Ginger 

Cranbury Comfort is Hiring!

Cranbury Comfort is growing. We are currently hiring an experienced HVAC Technician. We offer excellent benefits such as medical, company-paid life insurance, a simple IRA with a 3% company match, vacation & sick time, uniforms, tool replacement, and more. 

We want someone with the technical skills to be able to make repairs, as well as someone who wouldn’t mind making equipment sales and earning GREAT commissions! Not just a “throw you a bone” stuff, but some of the best commissions in the industry!!! We pay for EACH closed sale, and not when you make a minimum quota.

The requirements are…must like people, be prompt and reliable, and above all, BE HONEST!!!! We pride ourselves on this last quality. Our customers deserve it. If this is you, let's talk! 

Please email your resume to -- Please spread the news!

Air Scrubber Special

The AirScrubber by Aerus provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification without using ozone while the HVAC system fan is running. It is a proactive and effective solution for your home or small business.

  • Uses the latest version of ActivePure Technology
  • Provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification
  • Reduces allergens and other contaminants
  • Protects your heating and cooling system from a potentially dangerous buildup

Learn More About the Air Scrubber Plus and how it cleans the air in your home.

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Should You Get A Second Opinion?

Did a recent visit with a utility company or other HVAC professional leave you feeling pressured? Perhaps you were left with sticker shock for the suggested repair? Or maybe you were simply left wondering if the suggested fix was appropriate for the problem?

Cranbury comfort is happy to lend a second set of well-trained eyes on these matters with our Second Opinion HVAC Service Technician program! This is a free program for all existing and future customers.

We believe so much in honest, quality work and service that we’ll bring it to your doorstep at zero cost. We will dispatch our experts to give you a reliable second opinion to keep you comfortable.  

Call our team at 609-655-0200 or 609-758-5600 contact Cranbury Comfort here to get peace of mind for your HVAC questions/concerns.

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