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Covington's Easter Story, April 2020

On Holy Thursday eve, a small storm blew through Covington knocking out power for a hundred or so of our residents.

By Good Friday afternoon, power had been restored across the City. 

However, on Saturday afternoon, this message appeared on the social media app Nextdoor:

"Im a 60 year old female living in the covington area and I was severely affected by Thursday night's storm. A tree fell and totaled my granddaughters car and knocked down the power line and also the utility pole connected to my house. I have been without power ever since. Cleco came out and restored power to all the neighbors but because the utility pole was down my power couldn't be connected. I use oxygen 24 hours a day and can't plug in my machine and as a result of that i have to use my emergency tanks which are just about empty. Im looking for anyone who is licenced and reasonably priced to help me so that i can have the power restored. Any help would be greatly appreciated."

The Problem: Nowhere in the post is there an address or a contact number. It was Sunday morning before I learned the location. My visit to the site revealed broken conduit to the meter box which would need an electrician to repair BEFORE Cleco could reconnect ... on Easter Morning.

I shared the dire situation with City Department heads and with CLECO. Thanks to Public Works Director Chris Davis who arranged for Gary's Electric to send a man out. Thanks to Permits Director Chris Brown who coordinated permitting / approval with CLECO. Thanks to Scott Biggers and Chris Cooper with CLECO for getting a crew onsite the same day. Thanks to Chief Gary Blocker and the Fire Department who performed a well-check and had supplemental O2 on hand when needed.

By noon, power was restored ... and Gary's Electric did the repair at NO CHARGE.

Truly, a community coming together on Easter Morning.

The Sequel: Community Coming Together Again

My visits on Easter morning revealed some other concerns - unsafe porch steps and railing. Half of the tree that fell in the storm was barely and dangerously standing, hollow and rotten. Siding and eaves had been blown away from the house, likely in TS Olga back in October. Homebound, fixed income and tethered to an O2 machine, it was apparent the resident did not have the resources to make these repairs.

A Call to Action is Answered

Ben Bigler of Bigler Cabinets visited the site. He created a materials list (with instructions) of what was needed to rebuild the steps and the porch rail. Thank you Ben.

I called Ron Weatherhead*, manager of the Home Depot on Hwy 190. We do not know each other. I explained the project, "not asking for a donation, but any discount would be greatly appreciated." He, his team and Home Depot donated 100% of the materials.

My friend Don Brunies always says, "anything I can ever do to help." Well, we need the wood picked up and delivered. My ask with him was not looking good - no truck, no trailer. Just then, his neighbor, Jerry Taylor** walks outside to check the mail. Don calls him over. With Jerry's help, Don and Jerry deliver the materials. Thanks to all : )

Don Brunies and
 Jerry Taylor
Home Depot Team Member
Suzanne Deleo
Home Depot Team Member
Ken Sibley

*Home Depot manager Ron Weatherwood and I had never met. We still haven't.

** I had never met Jerry Taylor. However, when I went to call his number - he was already in my phone. He had called me last December ... to deliver meals on Christmas Day. Good stuff.

My next door neighbor makes beavers look lazy. Always in his backyard, saws a-whirring, hammers a-hammering ... pieces of wood becoming outdoor furniture, BBQ grill tables and planter boxes. Todd Boudreaux and his son Gage (age 12) spent two hard days cutting, fitting and screwing in place a new, solid set of steps and handrail.

Thank you Todd and Gage.

It turns out the hollow, rotten tree was on City property. It ain't dere no more.

When given the chance, some did a little and some did a lot. If given the chance, do what you can. Unconditionally ... because it makes our world, our Covington a better place.

No city funds or resources were used for any work done on private property.

Responses to this e-mail go directly to Mayor Mark.

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