Covid-19 Update May 12, 2020
Your Dry Cleaning Machine - avoiding hiccups as we pick up the pace
On March 17, 2020 we published and distributed information regarding how to adjust your operation and maintenance schedules for unexpected disruptions to business, namely a drastic reduction in piece counts due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus. Many Affiliates had to consider new operating schedules where they clean only one or two times a week. As we enter into a stage where numerous state, provincial, city, and municipal governments are slowly lifting restrictions on commercial interaction, many Affiliates are increasing their hours of operation as piece counts begin to creep up and they consider adjusting closer to previous operating schedules. Our technical support team has had an increased number of requests for guidance on a variety of issues related to maintenance of separators, filtration, refrigeration, distillation units, boilers, compressors, etc. 

The most frequently reported issues include:

  • Distillation boil-overs caused by primary separators that were not drained of water before running a separator-cleaning program or manually draining it. This might be because someone different is running the machine and they aren’t familiar with how to prevent it. See Technical Document #32 to learn more about this.

One specific issue that we believe many of you may benefit from a more detailed explanation of is the question of why your "still bottoms" have gone from a very dry "ash" that they were accustomed to over the years, to a more congealed, thick, and damp residue with a caramel-like consistency. While those operating with standard double-bath programs relying on cartridge filtration may be used to "wetter still-bottoms", those that have been optimizing efficiency with the use of Activated Clay filtration are requesting guidance on how to get back to their usual dry waste.

For that reason, we have put together the following guidance related to this topic here.
The usual, dry still bottom 
Incomplete distillation
resulting in wet bottoms
As usual, we have our technical support experts available to answer any specific questions regarding your machine configuration or your operations model. Just call us at 877-926-0895 or email .
Tracking SBA Loan Affiliate Approval
The second round of funding is in full swing at this point and lending institutions are now accepting applications for these funds. We suggest you contact your bank if you have not already received funds.

It is our understanding that lending institutions have been capped at 10% of available funds. So it may be necessary to apply at more than one bank.

Since the distribution of the second round of funds began, 83% of Affiliates to respond to our poll have answered  YES to having received approval and/or funds from their bank on either the EIDL or PPP SBA loans.

If you answered  NO previously and your status has changed, or if you have not answered the question, please let us know.
Have you received loan approval and/or direct funds for either EIDL or PPP from your bank?
If you have any questions, email us at
or give us a call at 877-926-0895. We're here to help with all of your plant needs.
Have you missed anything? 
Please see these past messages regarding Coronavirus
and what GreenEarth is doing to help.

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