Covid-19 Update May 07, 2020
Inching Our Way Back
The general consensus from the majority of the Affiliate Network this week has been inspiringly positive. This newfound hope may be partially in response to the PPP funding coming through for many small business owners across the country, but another key contributing factor is the incremental increase in sales from prior weeks.

Make no mistake, no one we've spoken with is reporting a significant spike just yet, but slowly and steadily most folks are seeing business inching its way back closer to their comfort zone. We realize this doesn't apply to everyone, but we're hopeful and confident the gradual return of customers many are starting to see will soon be followed by the rest.
So, "what's working?" As we've mentioned in previous emails, pick up and delivery has been crucial in maintaining a somewhat steady garment flow through the door. If you are not offering pick up and delivery, we urge you to consider it, even if only on a temporary basis. In April we sent out some tips on where to get started on launching a new route service . We also sent out some ideas for how to market contactless delivery to your community.
At the very least you should be implementing social-distancing initiatives that make even the most concerned of your customers feel safe. If you have a dropbox, kiosk, and/or locker system, make sure to get that message out to your customers. Otherwise, contactless curbside drop off and pick up is easily achievable with a clothing rack outside the door and signage to let customers know to park and call. You can then instruct them on where to leave the clothes or bring their clothes out to hang on the rack.
Last week we sent out G ECare Guidelines for Reopening , and these can be applied to all Affiliates. We're happy to create a custom one-pager for any Affiliate who'd like to post these online or outside of their store to give peace of mind to your customers as well.

"But if everyone is working from home, what are they having dry cleaned?" We have a pretty good inside track on this with the hundreds of Affiliates we've spoken to on the phone and dozens of Affiliates' social media and email marketing campaigns we manage. The two most commonly marketed items right now are hands-down wash & fold and household items. Your GreenEarth machine can be of assistance with increased laundry production requirements as well. Back in March, our technical team sent out these instructions on how to use your GreenEarth machine as a laundry dryer.
People are at home more than ever and spring cleaning is in full effect. Customers are sending in comforters, curtains, even patio furniture to be cleaned and disinfected. The laundry is piling up and more customers seem to be happy with having a professional take over the chore. It's a stressful time for many, so the more they can hand off with confidence, the happier they will be. Let your customers know you are here to help and lighten the load (pun intended). Especially right now, wash and fold is a service that is applicable to all markets.
If your clientele is typically "too upscale" for wash & fold, that probably is not the case at this time. The maid/housekeeper/au pair that typically does the family's laundry isn't coming by, so they're having to do it themselves. They just may need someone to offer the service to them and they'll jump on it.

We've seen some other really creative ideas from Affiliates and below are a few graphics our team has created to help promote some of these ideas on various social media platforms.
Tracking SBA Loan Affiliate Approval
The second round of funding is in full swing at this point and lending institutions are now accepting applications for these funds. We suggest you contact your bank if you have not already received funds.

It is our understanding that lending institutions have been capped at 10% of available funds. So it may be necessary to apply at more than one bank.

Since the distribution of the first round of funds began, we received responses to our poll from 194 Affiliates with 43% answering  YES to having received approval and/or funds from their bank on either the EIDL or PPP SBA loans.

If you answered  NO previously and your status has changed, or if you have not answered the question, please let us know.
Have you received loan approval and/or direct funds for either EIDL or PPP from your bank?
Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!
Have you missed anything? 
Please see these past messages regarding Coronavirus
and what GreenEarth is doing to help.

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