Covid-19 Update April 6, 2020
Motivation Monday
We could all use a little good news in our lives right about now, wouldn't you agree? With the airwaves being consumed with doom and gloom, we wanted to share these heartwarming stories we've heard over the last week of Members of the GreenEarth Network stepping up in these troubling times, bringing us that warm fuzzy feeling of hope and inspiration.
Helping Out One Mask at a Time
The folks at Door to Door Cleaner/The Wedding Gown Specialists in Los Angeles, CA have dedicated their valuable time into making face masks for medical professionals in the LA area.

The masks are being donated to various local hospitals and they're being made by repurposing the muslin/linen cloth that is used to preserve their customer's wedding gowns.

What an innovative and resourceful way for Sajid Veera and his staff to step up to the plate using supplies on hand to give back and make a positive impact on your community in a time it's needed most!
Pay What You Can Pricing
Snedicor’s Cleaners in Brighton, MI, recognizing so many of their neighbors struggling, has offered a helping hand with a “Pay What You Can” pricing concept.

Jim Gilligan and his team are extending the offer to anyone affected by the current circumstance. Not only is it applicable to the hardworking healthcare professionals, first responders, and others on the front line, but Snedicor's has taken it a step further, offering this generous payment concept to anyone who is struggling to get through these times.

A real “you take care of us, so we’ll take care of you” sentiment. The community surely will remember the good deed when this is all a thing of the past.
Our U.K. Family Offering Relief
By now most of us have seen the images making their way around the social media world of nurses after working 12 hour shifts, or longer, with marks and bruises left on their faces from the masks they must wear while caring for those in need during this pandemic.

It's a sad image that leaves an impression, but also leaves most of us feeling helpless.

Well we couldn't be more proud to see a Member of the GreenEarth Family in the U.K. working, even in a time when their doors are closed for business, to provide a solution, relieving some stress and bringing some comfort to those that need it most.
Will Lankston of GreenEarth Affiliate, Jeeves of Belgravia tweeted out yesterday, "Whilst isolating, our amazing tailoring team have decided to put their skills to good use by making headbands for the NHS. The button allows the wearer to hook face-masks on without causing sores behind the ears."
If you have a story or know of a GreenEarth Affiliate that's doing what they can to have a positive impact through all of this, please share. We want to know about it. We love hearing about these acts of kindness and are proud to share them with the rest of the Family!
Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!
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