Covid-19 Update April 22, 2020
There's a lot going on in the world today and it's hard to turn our thoughts to anything else. That being said, we couldn't let Earth Day's 50th Anniversary go unnoticed.

Finding a way to celebrate the holiday from a distance and bring people together to focus our energy on something positive and look to a brighter future when we can get back to working toward a sustainable planet was our goal.

With the help of some of you, through social media we were able to accomplish a virtual celebration.

Thank you again for being a Member of the GreenEarth Family!

From our families to yours, Happy Earth Day!
Tracking SBA Loan Affiliate Approval
We're happy to report an additional  $310 billion in funding for the Payment Protection Program has passed the Senate. The House will vote on the legislation Thursday.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks, we received responses to our poll from 181 Affiliates with 26% answering  YES to having received approval and/or funds from their bank on either the EIDL or PPP SBA loans.

If you answered  NO last week and your status has changed, or if you have not answered the question, please let us know.
Have you received loan approval and/or direct funds for either EIDL or PPP from your bank?
Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!
Have you missed anything? 
Please see these past messages regarding Coronavirus
and what GreenEarth is doing to help.

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